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   Chapter 227 Brother and Sister-in-law, Are You Here Just to Show Off Your Love

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7922

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Lola and Harry immediately drove toward the Shao's mansion.

When they arrived at Mansion No. 8, Janet was upstairs in her bedroom, playing on WeChat with her phone. Meanwhile, the four elders occupied themselves with the twins on the ground floor.

Lola discreetly told Ella about the plan of having their kids go and climb mountains. She then suggested, "When they go on their trip, let me come and take the twins to the manor to play with them. Then, I'll send them back to you at night. What do you think?"

Although she was the grandmother of the twins, Lola was determined to stay by Janet's side, not her son's.

Since Janet didn't want Daniel to know about the twins, Lola would try her best to keep the secret from Daniel.

Without hesitation, Ella agreed with her suggestion. After all, Lola was the grandmother of the twins, and she had probably wanted to spend time with them.

After their discussion, Harry and Lola left the mansion. Janet didn't even know that they went to her house at all.

On their way back to the manor, Lola thought for a while and looked at her husband, who was driving the car, and said, "Jane had given us two granddaughters. We have to treat her even better from now on. And, we should also help improve the relationship between Janet and Daniel."

Harry nodded and said, "Haven't we just discovered and mined some special diamonds? You can take some and have them made into jewellery. Then, you can give it to Jane."

Like Lola, Janet also didn't like wearing gold or silver jewellery. But they noticed that she put on earrings and bracelet from time to time.

"What about earrings?" suggested Lola. She remembered that Janet pretty much loved the earrings she gave her the last time.

Harry nodded in agreement.

Lola then sighed and complained, "These should have been done by Daniel, our dishonorable son! But now, I have to do these instead of him. He really is such a pain in the ass!"

But, for their bright future, Lola was willing to do all these things for them.

"Keep a close eye on your son. Don't let him do anything wrong to Jane again, and get that secretary, Shirley Zheng, away from him!" said Harry. He had despised that secretary ever since. He couldn't believe that she could betray her own best friend.

Lola nodded, "But I heard that girl works hard, and is an asset to the company. L

g her tomorrow?" asked Sally. She stared at her brother with disbelief. She thought her brother was acting excessively!

Shirley felt embarrassed as she could feel how rejected she was.

"No, I'm just here to help Daniel choose his clothes today, " Shirley opened her mouth and explained in a tender voice.

Janet then stood up, dragged Sally by her hand, and said, "Sally, let's go pick our clothes."

Then, everyone dispersed and followed suit.

Since it was hot these days, they all chose short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

Janet picked up a set of clothes for herself and for Sally. They went into the dressing room to try it on together.

Five minutes later, Janet came out, stood in front of Nicole, and asked, "Nicole, what do you think? Does this look good on me?"

Janet chose a white short-sleeved shirt with a logo on it and a pair of white trousers. She looked very vigorous and youthful on them, even though it was a classic, simple outfit.

Grabbing a pink sportswear set, Nicole nodded and sincerely praised Janet, "You look good on them. Jane, you look good on any sort of clothes." Nicole was speaking the truth. Although it was a basic sportswear, Janet knew how to wear it well.

Then, Sally came out of the dressing room. She was dressed in a blue set. She murmured, "What colour should I choose for Jerry? How about blue?"

Nicole and Janet exchanged glances with each other. They tried to imagine how Jerry would look like in a blue shirt.

Janet immediately shook her head and said, "No, Sally! You better pick another color for him!"

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