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   Chapter 226 Send Red Envelopes

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Michelle Si was unhappy with her mother picking up Kerr Si. She curled her lips and groaned, "Mommy, Kerr has his own mommy. Why are you holding him?"

Ella Bo teased her with a smile, and said, "You little jealous girl."

Nearly all the people burst out laughing, and Sally Si fed Michelle cherry pulp.

Janet Shao looked at her daughter, and asked her, "Didn't your auntie hug you?"

Michelle nodded in agreement, smacked her lips after swallowing the cherry, and replied, "Yes, she did."

"Well, we're even now. Auntie hugged you, and it's only fair for me to hug Kerr too." Janet sat on the couch, placing Kerr on her lap.

Nicole Si stretched her arms out and invited Michelle, "Come here! Auntie Nicole will hug you."

Michelle smiled and ran to Nicole, who also placed her on her legs.

Unhappy because she was ignored, Melissa Shao pouted, and murmured with a pitiful voice, "No one is hugging me..."

Ella beckoned her over to her, and said, "Come here; Grandma Ella will hug you!"

Melissa, while shaking her head, explained to her, "No, Grandma, I want Auntie Sally. She's going to have a baby, and I want to touch her tummy!"

Sally, who was feasting on the bowl of cherries, wiped her hands with some wet wipes, and said, "Come here, little girl, of course Auntie Sally will hug you."

Melissa quickly ran to Sally and sat on her legs, enjoying the cherries that she fed to her.

Their conversation ended when the servants served their lunch.

They then seated themselves at the dining table, and because of the three kids present, it was quite a noisy lunch.

When Nicole left, Janet told her multiple times to hide the secret from Daniel.

'If Daniel knew that I gave birth to twin girls, he would stop me from seeing both of the children, ' she thought.

"Don't worry, Jane, I won't tell him." Although she reminded her for almost one hundred times, Nicole nodded and promised her each time.

'It's better for them to figure out their misunderstandings by themselves, ' she thought.

Sally left with Kerr, and in the evening, Janet answered a call from Sven Si.


Janet was looking at the best store renting info on the Internet. She would've liked her previous cake store, but the owner didn't want to sell it to her, and Jane had to continue surfing the webpages.

"Jane, we've made plans to go climbing. You'd better also make arrangements in advance, if you want to come with us." Sven woul

aniel, who was maybe in a good mood, again sent several red envelopes, as was expected. Janet did as Sven had requested of her.

Daniel sent a lot of red envelopes. But Janet's part would be returned to Daniel*!

(*TN: In WeChat, red envelopes will be returned to the sender if the receiver doesn't open it in 24 hours.)

After Daniel stopped sending the red envelopes, Angela began to bother Sven. As a result, Sven, who was just as rich as Daniel, sent even more red envelopes.

Jerry, Scott and Cole soon joined them and all spent the whole afternoon snatching red envelopes.

Finally, after all the red envelopes were snatched, Janet asked, "I'd like to buy some tracksuits. Who wants to go shopping with me?"

Angela replied, "I already have tracksuits, but I can go with you if you'd like."

Nicole answered with a "1", which meant that she would also come along.

All the others agreed to go, all except Jerry, Shelly and Scott.

However, Daniel didn't answer, so no one knew whether he would also go with them, or not.

Sven asked Daniel whether he would go in the group, but just got the reply, "In a meeting."

The others were left speechless.

Janet thought, "Since you have time to type 'in a meeting', why don't you also say a yes or no?"

'It's more likely for him to be absent because of me. As the old saying goes, when enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred. Daniel and I won't be engaged together in the same activity.'

Nicole left Shao's family mansion for the Leroy Manor. When Lola and Harry promised to keep the secret for themselves, she told them all about the twins.

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