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   Chapter 225 Will You Die If You'd Stop Humiliating Me

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7443

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Resisting the urge to splash the water bottle in his face, Janet eventually twisted the cap off of it.

Daniel seemed to be really thirsty; he grabbed and drank the whole bottle in one single gulp.

He looked handsome as he drank water with his head slightly raised, and Janet was enthralled by the scene.

Instinctively, she then took the empty bottle away from him, but when she realized what she was doing, she thought that, for the moment at least, she must have gone mad.

Otherwise, she would have never stayed in the same room with a man who had never loved her.

Daniel ordered her, "Get over here!"

But Janet stood still, and calmly reminded him, "I'm here to pick up Melissa!"

"You won't even see her dress before you satisfy me!"


Janet glared at Daniel, and while gnashing her teeth, she asked, "Doesn't Mr. Si feel sick sleeping with a woman that he doesn't love?"

Daniel, dressed only in his suit pants, came closer to her, and said, "I'm turned on at the thought of pressing you under me and making you powerless to resist!"

"You bastard!" Janet immediately turned away from him.

Escaping Daniel's sight, she blushed red, like a cooked lobster.

But instead of chasing her, Daniel just sat lazily on his bed, with his back leaned against the bed head.

In less than two minutes, as he expected, Janet returned to the bedroom in a huff.

"Daniel, open the door!"

At some point, Daniel had locked the living room's door with a code. Janet tried unlocking it several times, but with no success.

Daniel pulled his phone out of his pocket and began browsing its contents, ignoring her request.

Janet rolled her eyes at him, and leaning against the door, she coldly asked, "Is this fun for you, Daniel?"

They were no longer lovers, but why did he still bother her?

Was she there just to satisfy him?

Daniel looked up at her, and said, "It is fun. I've already told you Janet, I'll make you realize that you can never get back what you've already lost!"


"So, I'm going to make you my mistress, without ever giving you my heart or a marital status!"

His arrogance and narcissism made Janet want to slap him over the face and wake him up from his gibberi

s eyes grew somber.

'Does she really intend to challenge me again?'

He pulled the thin quilt off of Janet with slight force, but she still continued to sleep soundly.

As he looked at her sleeping face, his anger abated, and he took the towel off of him and laid on the bed next to her.

In the morning, Daniel took Janet in his arms and placed her locks of hair behind her ears.

Laying a big kiss on her forehead, his eyes filled with love, and he fell asleep with her cuddled in his arms.

At noon, Janet dressed in the clothes sent by Daniel and hurried back home.

When she arrived, the living room was filled with noise.

The moment Janet saw Melissa she instantly felt relieved, and thought, 'It seems that I wasn't tormented all night just for nothing!'

"Mommy!" Seeing Janet, Melissa happily jumped in her arms.

Janet, who had changed her shoes, embraced her and kissed her. "Baby, you're home now. Mommy missed you so much!"

Inside the living room were not only Samuel, Ella, the twins and Sally, but also Nicole and Kerr.

Everybody knew exactly where Janet had been last night, and they didn't ask her.

When Janet saw Nicole, she was surprised, and unconsciously turned to look at her twin daughters.

Nicole smiled and shook her head at her, seeming to know about what she was worrying. Janet breathed a sigh of relief.

"Nicole..." Holding Melissa, Janet greeted Nicole, put Melissa down and kissed Michelle, and then went to hug Kerr.

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