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   Chapter 224 I'm Very Fond of Kids

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Sally immediately nodded, and replied, "Okay, thanks, but most importantly, ask your father to buy your mother some toys."

Melissa nodded, and then turned around to look at the salesclerk. While pointing at a toy elephant, she said, "Please help me wrap it!"


After she had finished talking on the phone, Melissa had already selected a lot of toys, and she was going to bring them to her mother and sister according to Sally's suggestion.

When Daniel and Melissa left the shop, the same toys that they had earlier bought had now been sold out in just a couple of minutes.

They then returned to Pearl Spring, where two servants were waiting for them inside the living room.

The No. 8 villa in Pearl Spring was a house that Harry had initially given to Lola. Later on, when learning that Daniel was often going there, Lola had given Daniel the key to it.

The house had been redecorated two years ago and was also looked after pretty well, still looking like a brand new house.

After the bodyguard gave the servants all of the stuff that Daniel and Melissa had bought, he left.

Daniel went upstairs, with his daughter in his arms. He was going to help her take a bath and then cuddle her to sleep.

These last couple of days while he was in D City, Daniel had helped his daughter take baths, had lulled her to sleep, and had told her stories... He had done all of these things.

After the servant filled the bathtub with water, Daniel placed his daughter inside it.

Melissa, who was playing with the bubbles, suddenly asked Daniel, "Father, do you want to have one more child?"

"Um?" Have one more child?

If Janet would've given birth to one more baby who was as cute as Melissa was, of course he wanted to have another child!

"Well, if there's another kid, who is the same as me, would you still want that?" Melissa, who was very smart, cautiously asked Daniel.

"Of course I would want that! I'm very fond of kids!" answered Daniel. He was willing to father a lot of children, as long as their mother was Janet, his beloved woman.

At that moment he only thought of Janet, ignoring the mischievous expression glimmering in his daughter's eyes.

After Daniel finished helping Melissa take her bath, they began to take photos. Daniel then sent the photos of him and Melissa to Janet, since Melissa had urged him to do so.

But Janet simply replied to him with two words, "Get away!"

When he saw her message, Daniel was livid, and really wanted to put Janet on his blocked contacts list.

In fact, only Janet knew what to do with the sent photo, and when she received it, sh

ntry after half a month.

Janet contacted Daniel in that afternoon, and she told him that she would come to pick up her daughter. This time, Daniel didn't refuse her, and instead asked her to come to the Waterside Complex at night.

'Why is he asking me to come to the Waterside Complex?' thought Janet. Although she was confused, she still came there, exactly as he had asked her to do.

When she arrived there, it was dark inside the apartment.

After she changed her shoes at the entrance, Janet sent a message to Daniel and asked him when he would arrive at the apartment.

When she had just closed her phone's cover, she heard that there was a noise coming from the living room's door.

Somehow, Janet's heart began to uncontrollably race.

After she secretly scolded herself, she went to the living room through the balcony, but she only saw Daniel there.

She asked, "Where's my daughter?"

Daniel, who was changing his shoes, glanced at her, and slowly began to take off his tie.

He threw his coat and tie onto the sofa, and then started unbuttoning his shirt, but he still hadn't answered Janet.

Instead, he said, "Get me some water!"


Glancing at him, Janet remained speechless with rage boiling up in her. She had come here to pick her daughter up, not to serve him!

Although she was unwilling to obey him, in the end she walked up to the fridge, opened it, and fetched a bottle of mineral water for him.

Inside the bedroom, Daniel had already taken off his shirt, his sturdy chest exposed. When she saw him like this, Janet's face flushed and her heart raced.

She felt a little nervous while she gave the mineral water to him, and just said, "Here you are."

"Twist the cap off for me!"


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