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   Chapter 223 How Excellent Daniel's Gene Was

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Many people fished their mobile phones out of their pockets, took photos of their every single moves, while also posting them on the internet.

They were all wondering who the mother of the girl in his arms actually was.

Melissa took a bite out of the cake, and again, in a pathetic way, said, "Daddy, can we call mommy now?"

It was the first time that she had been separated from her mother for such a long time.

Daniel considered this for a second and nodded. He was willing to do anything for his daughter!

He put Melissa's leftover food back into the bag, and then he took out his mobile phone to call Janet.

Janet had just bathed Michelle and had taken her to her parents' room. She was about to go and talk to Sally when her phone started ringing.

Seeing that the call was coming from Daniel, Janet quickly became morose.

'How stupid I was to fall in love with you!

From now on, we have nothing to do with each other!'


After the phone rang for a long time, she finally answered it.

"Hello." Her indifferent voice made Daniel instantly frown.

"Janet, did you live together with Caspar when you were in Z Country?"


Janet was confused as to why Daniel would mention about Caspar all of a sudden.

Not hearing Janet's answer, Daniel turned a cold voice, and said, "Humph! If you don't answer me, I'll take your silence as a yes."

Janet then came back to her senses, and casually said, "That's none of your business!"

"How could it be none of my business? You are the mother of my child, and your obscene private life will have a bad impact on my image!"


Only God knew how much Janet wanted to scream at him, "That's none of your business! You jerk!"

She told herself to be calm, and continued, "Have you called me just to pick on me? If so, I'm hanging up the phone now!"

Daniel said nothing, but handed the phone over to Melissa.

Then he raised Melissa, who was talking with her mommy on the phone, in his arms, taking no notice of the many people who were following them.

None of them dared to accost Daniel. There were only two young girls asking f

ely smile stole fans' hearts away in a breeze.

Many of them screamed excitedly, "She's so cute! How excellent Daniel's gene is!"

"Yes, just look at her smile! It's so sweet!"

"Her mother must be a beauty too!"

More and more fans surged into the mall and followed them.

The managers of the mall had no other choice but to ask for more security guards to maintain order.

Sally said, "Auntie knows this. I saw your photos on the Internet. My dear, when will you come back? Auntie will come and pick you up."

She then pulled Janet aside on the bed, who was completely absorbed in reading the netizen's comments.

"Auntie, daddy just said that it depends on how well mommy behaves." Daniel walked into a boutique and put Melissa down.

Stepping on the floor, Melissa scooted to pick gifts.

Sally slipped to the balcony, and in a low voice instructed her, "Baby, listen to me. You just praise your mommy in front of your daddy and commend your daddy in front of your mommy. Only this way will daddy and mommy be soon back together!"

Melissa nodded while staring at an elephant plush toy.

Melissa all of a sudden changed the subject, and asked, "Auntie, do you want an elephant?"

Confused, Sally asked, "What?"

"A stuffed elephant. How about I ask daddy to buy you and mommy a pair of stuffed elephants?" Amused by Melissa's naiveté, Sally couldn't help but giggle at her niece's words.

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