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   Chapter 222 Did He Go to Mummy's Room in the Night

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C Country

At the Tianye Men headquarters, Janet sat in the main chair, while she sternly stared at the people standing in front of her.

The leader that was in charge of their business in C Country, Jason Cheng, told Janet, "Miss Janet, these guys are the ones who have been dealing with drugs using the Tianye Men name."

She addressed at Jason in a very serious manner. "Since when are we, the Tianye Men, involved in the drug business?"

As far as she was concerned, the Tianye Men had never done any illegal business or trades. Any unlawful activities would be taken pretty seriously once she had found out about them.

Jason opened his mouth awkwardly, and said, "Never."

"With this kind of insignificant matters you can deal with yourself." And with these words, Janet stood up from her chair, because she didn't want to waste her time there anymore.

Jason quickly called out to her, "Miss Janet, I will handle the drug issue here, but..." He leaned towards her, and whispered in her ear, "I found the sign of the Black Moon Gangster on them."

'Black Moon Gangster?' Janet recalled that Caspar had once told her about them when she was back in Z Country.

The Black Moon Gangster was a cruel and violent gang from Z Country, and they had constant conflicts with the Tianye Men in the recent years, their aim being to crush them from the face of the Earth.

Janet raised her voice, and asked, "Jason, is this the first time that these people had made mistakes?"

Jason nodded.

"Well, they can be spared this time, since it's their first time violating our rules. Next time we catch them, we'll deal with them according to the Tianye Men rules."

Janet's words made Jason feel confused, however, he said nothing, and just obeyed her order.

Jason walked Janet out. As she got inside the car, she told him, "Send someone to tail them. Once you get some evidence of them that they're associated with the Black Moon Gangster, report them to the police."

Janet had her way of doing things. She would never kill someone and have her hands stained with their blood.

"Of course, Miss Janet." Jason considered the idea for a while and agreed.

As soon as her car took off, Jason called Caspar for further directives. "Boss Qiao, what's your opinion on this issue? The BM Gangsters are well known for their cruelty..."

"Do what Janet said."


ly?' Daniel looked at his little daughter confused, and asked, "Don't we already have pictures?"

Melissa made a face, and giggled, "I want another picture!"

Daniel looked at his daughter lovingly as they walked towards a bench. There, he held her on his lap, and while he smiled, said, "As soon as we get home, we'll take another picture!"

He opened the cake packages and took out a box of soy cream slice. "How about having this one first?"

Melissa nodded.

Daniel helped her open the box and handed a plastic fork to her, and said, "Enjoy your cake."

The heart-warming scene was seen by Daniel's fans.

Daniel was a renowned businessman, however, he was also outstanding in every other aspect. He therefore had fans everywhere, just like a rockstar.

Several teenage girls stood not far from him, taking pictures of them. They wanted to capture the beautiful father and daughter moment.

Daniel didn't wear any sunglasses or any mouth mask, and could be easily recognised. Soon enough, more and more people stopped to look at them.

Melissa had eaten just one fork of her soy cream slice when she suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong, Melissa?" Daniel ignored his surroundings. All he cared about in that moment was his beloved daughter.

Melissa shook her head, and sadly said, "Daddy, this cake doesn't taste like mummy's. I don't like it!" She preferred the way her mother had made the cakes.

Her words made Daniel pause for a while.

He put away the soy cream slice, and instead, took out the chocolate fudge cake. "How about this one? Let's try it!"

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