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   Chapter 221 Some Media Reported that Daniel Had Become a Supper Nanny

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While leaning against his car, Daniel lit a cigarette and started to smoke, without showing the slightest intention of coming to Janet.

The two had been in a stalemate for more than ten minutes now, when Janet's cell phone suddenly rang. She slid the answer button, and said, "Bill."

Bill asked anxiously, "Janet, are you home now?" He had waited for a long time for her call.

Janet felt a touch of guilt, and answered him, "Yes, I've just arrived." She took her bag, got out of the car, and then locked it.

She started walking towards the villa, But before she could reach the villa, Daniel held the cigarette between his lips and stepped in front of her.

Janet then quickly hung up the phone and put it back in her bag.

"Please, get out of my way!" She raised her head and defiantly looked at the man, and Daniel's face instantly darkened.

He grabbed her neck, tight.

Janet could hardly breathe, and she tried to kick on his leg.

But Daniel stepped back a pace and escaped from her attack.

"My daughter." He whispered her name near her ear.

"If you want my child, then you have to kill me first." She wasn't afraid of him, and she wondered whether he would ever dare to kill her.

Daniel laughed and let go of her neck. He came closer to her again, and said, "There are more than ten persons around us."

Janet glanced around and doubtfully nodded.

"What would you say if I did something to you in front of them?" He then stopped talking to her, pulled her wrists, and dragged her into his car.

Thinking of her daughter, Janet eventually gave up, struggling.

Daniel got very angry and pinned her against the car with his big hands gripping her waist.

He bent down to her face and gave her a lingering kiss. The scene was so hot that everyone present there could not help but look away.

Shirley, who was the one nearest to them, stepped a few steps back, flurried. She took out her cell phone and just started looking through it, hysterically.

She opened a recording, which sounded very harsh in the silence of the night. "Do you think I really like Daniel? A stud like him is not even worth my attention and care. I have a lot more suitors than you think, and Daniel isn't the best among them!"

The man's lips were still pressed on Janet's, and they opened their eyes at the exact sa

ny of the house, Janet watched his car turn around and leave with her daughter in it.

In the dark, Janet gathered her hair, feeling depressed.

It had been less than two days since some of the media had reported that Daniel had become a supper nanny.

Because Daniel had a very lovely daughter, he took her with him whenever and wherever he went.

When Janet had arrived at the church to wreck Daniel's wedding, the reporters had been already cleared by the bodyguards, and the reporters didn't know who the little girl's mother actually was.

Melissa could be seen at any time inside the SL Group headquarters in D City.

Whenever Daniel was engaged in a meeting, there would be three or five bodyguards who would closely follow Melissa around.

She would sit quietly and sometimes read her fairy tale book.

When Daniel wasn't busy, she would ask him to take her to the playground.

The lovely Melissa soon captured everyone's heart inside the company.

To please the little princess, those who wanted to have a good working relationship with Daniel would buy her gifts, and delicious treats and sweets.

However, Melissa refused to accept anything, and in a childish way, just said, "Mommy told me not to accept anything from strangers. Thank you, but I have to go."

And then the bodyguards pushed the staff around Melissa away, and after she was gone, everyone was left wondering who the princess's mother really was.

Later on it was revealed that Melissa was Janet's, but the news report was deleted within just ten minutes.

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