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   Chapter 220 I am at the Front Gate of Han Family

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Janet looked at his beard and long hair, and thought that he was funny. She didn't refuse, and intentionally said, "I could have dinner here, but if I look at you, I can't eat!"

Bill scratched his head in embarrassment, and Charles immediately said, "Bill, go upstairs and have a shower. I'll ask for a barber to shave off your beard and cut your hair!"

Bill nodded, and while pulling Janet's hand, he said, "Jane, please don't leave. I'll go upstairs and take a shower right now!"

She waved her hand at him. "Go upstairs! I won't leave!"

Bill went upstairs, and Charles pulled Janet to sit with him in the living room. On Janet's left sat Ivanka, and on her right sat Brian, on an armchair.

Joyce' eyes lingered on Janet. He thought Janet was so smart. She could successfully persuade his cousin to go out of room for dinner. She could always catch his cousin's attention.

And thanks to Lyman, it was not so awkward.

Charles was in a much more better mood now that he had a great-grandson, and that also his grandson, whom he had always worried about, was also better.

At dinnertime, Bill came back downstairs. He was now back to his old self, and he was not as tanned now as he was back in Africa.

He sat next to Janet and kept putting food on her plate.

Barry Han, Bill's father, had also returned home before dinner. Seeing Bill at the table, Barry was in a daze, and he thought that he was seeing a stranger.

When he heard Bill called him, Barry happily realized that his son had really returned back to his old self.

Barry knew that all of this was due to Janet, and he kept it in his mind.

Brian looked at all the food, piled up in front of Janet like a mountain, and put some of it on his own plate.

Bill immediately protested, and said, "Hey! Brian! What do you think you're doing?" He seemed to look that he had just returned earlier, and that his arm hadn't been hurt.

Brian rolled his eyes and put a squid ring on Janet's plate with a new fork, saying, "You pile all kinds of different dishes together, and they'll taste bad. How could Janet enjoy the delicious food like this, eh?"

His words made sense, and then he put a sautéed shelled shrimp on Janet's plate.

Watching all of this, Charles was lost in thought.

He glanced at Ivanka, Brian and Janet, and then he got a general idea of the current situation.


o chase Janet.

Ivanka protested in a low voice, "I was drugged. Can you please stop being so mean!"


Ivanka was surprised and wanted to get up from the bed. However, Brian grabbed her wrists, and said, "But you're my wife now, and you still need to fulfill your obligations towards me."


Did he just want to sleep with her?

"Stop! How could you sleep with a woman that you don't love not even a bit?"

Hearing her crying, Brian stopped in an instant!

But, he answered carelessly, "Now you're my wife, and I'll try to forget my past."

It was easy to say that...

In the end, Ivanka still couldn't get rid of Brian. After he was done with her, Ivanka sadly discovered that maybe, indeed, Brian had married her just for the sex.

Every night when Brain came back home he slept with her, leaving early the following morning.

It didn't matter if her son was at home or not, she always had the same fate, day by day, and night after night.

Ivanka couldn't have a good sleep at night. So she felt really sleepy during the day. Fortunately, Brain had hired servants to take care of baby, or she would be worn out!

At the gates of the No. 8 Villa in The Royal Mansion Neighborhood

Several cars stopped at the gates, and a woman dressed in a black suit got out from the driver's seat of the Rolls-Royce, and opened the rear door for Daniel. "Boss Si!"

He gracefully got out of the car.

Inside the Mercedes that had stopped behind the Rolls-Royce, a woman lazily leaned on the driver's seat; she didn't intend to get out of the car, yet.

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