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   Chapter 219 I Would Provide For You And Your Child

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The man that was standing in front of her had a long beard and long hair, and Janet could've possibly recognized him only from behind.

"You want me to go? But Bill, I just got here." Janet then walked a few steps forward.

Bill reached out his right hand to stop her, and said, "Jane, please don't come over here."

He had become a disabled man; there were many things that he couldn't do by himself, and he didn't want Janet to see what he looked like now.

Outside the hallway

Charles rested his last shred of hope on Janet. After all, Bill had loved Janet for a long time.

Joyce Han was very curious, and asked, "Grandpa, who is this woman?"

Charles was standing outside the hallway with a stick in his hand. He stared at the closed door, and quietly said, "Samuel's daughter, your brother and cousin's great love."

Joyce was so surprised that her mouth was wide open. The woman was really pretty, but wasn't he exaggerating a bit? Both her brother and her cousin had loved her?

"Oh! Her name is Jane, isn't it? Bill talked about her a lot before."

A long time ago, Bill had talked about a girl named Jane almost everyday.

Charles nodded.

'And Brian loved her too?' She felt it was unbelievable.

'Just because she was pretty?' Brain wasn't that shallow.

"I'm going back to my room. Joyce, ask Janet to meet me when they've finished talking."

"Okay, grandpa." After Joyce helped Charles walk back to his room, she waited for Janet downstairs.

In Bill's room

Janet walked to the window and drew back the curtains to let some light into the messy room. Bill wasn't pleased with this, and said, "Jane, stop it. Draw the curtains back as they were."

Bill was looking much more pinched now, and Janet walked up to Bill, and stared straight into his eyes.

"Jane..." There were mixed feelings in Bill's eyes, both sadness, and delight.

Janet held Bill in her arms, and the empty sleeve of his shirt was pressed between them.

She softly said, "I'm sorry, Bill."

Bill was confused, and was jus about to pull away from her embrace.

"If it were not for me, Daniel wouldn't have sent you to Africa. You wouldn't have lost your arm, " said Janet.

Bill shook his head and held her back

own the stairs, and while he stood up from the sofa, he greeted them, "Janet, Bill..."

"Brian!" Janet smiled when she saw him.

Charles was touched by the warm event and was thrilled to see Bill finally coming out of his room.

He stood up with his walking cane and walked up to them slowly with his great-grandchild.

"Grandpa Charles, " said Janet politely, but then, Janet's attention was caught by the child besides him.

"Who is this cute little boy?"

"He's my child, " said Brian, painfully.

Bill and Janet were so surprised that they were left with their mouths wide open.

That was the moment when Janet noticed that there was another woman sitting in the living room besides Joyce.

That woman was Ivanka.

Janet and Ivanka looked into each other's eyes, and then Ivanka walked up to Janet, and said, "Janet, I'm sorry... for everything that happened back then."

Janet understood what she said, as well as Brian, but not Charles and Bill.

Charles curiously asked, "Janet, Ivanka, you know each other?"

Janet nodded, and said, "Yes, sort of."

After she had found out that nothing had happened between Daniel and Ivanka, she had stopped holding her grudge against her.

For a while, there was nothing but silence in the room. Charles broke it, and said, "Janet, won't you stay and have dinner with us? I can have the cook prepare some more dishes."

Bill looked at Janet expectantly, and said, "That's right. Come on, Jane, have dinner with us!"

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