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   Chapter 218 We Both shall Bear the Respective Criminal Consequences

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While Ivanka held her son with one arm and dragged her luggage with another, she quickly continued walking. She only came back to pray at the tomb of her elder sister. Today was her sister's death anniversary.

Brian gave an indicating glance at the two men behind him. One of the men took the luggage out of Ivanka's hand and said, "Miss Ivanka, let me help you to carry the luggage."

The other man took her son, held him in his arms, and said, "Hi, wimpy kid, let uncle take you for a ride!"

Brian then approached her and carried Ivanka on his shoulder. He lugged her toward the Audi military car.

With her head upside down and on Brian's shoulder, Ivanka felt so uncomfortable that she couldn't even let out a scream. She had no choice but to let Brian carry her into the military car.

"Go!" demanded Brian to his comrade. Brian took his son from his comrade's arms and then held Ivanka's wrist tightly.

Ivanka took a breath and rested for a moment until she didn't feel dizzy anymore. Then, she took out her phone from her pocket and yelled, "I must call the police! You're kidnapping us!"

"Please dial 911. Do as you wish!" Brian said. He obviously didn't care and just held his son in his arms.

He finally fulfilled his grandfather's wish of having a son of his own at the age of thirty-one years old!

Ivanka gritted her teeth and put down her phone. She tried to dissuade him and said, "Sir, you mistook me for another person. That is my son, and I don't know you!"

Brian then said, "You are Ivanka Yi, and you are twenty-one years old. Three years ago, when you were eighteen, you had been forced to take a drug. Then, you escaped and slipped into another man's room... I was the man in that room."

"Shut up!" Ivanka shouted. Hearing the tittering sound from the front seats, Ivanka's face flushed bright red.

Brian kept his eyes on his son, Lyman, who had the same smile as he did. Lyman asked, "Are you really my father?"

"Yes, of course!" said Brian in an affirmative tone. 'My genes are indeed powerful. Look! My son really resembles me! Needless to doubt, this is my son!' Brian thought to himself.

The soldier sitting on the front passenger seat turned his head around, smiled at Ivanka, and said, "Miss Ivanka, our leader has been looking for you for three years. When you booked your flight ticket, that's when he found out where you were."

Hearing his words, Ivanka shifted her eyes to Brian and asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

Brian actually saved her life three years ago, but she had paid for it

d the second floor. He said, "I'm pretty well, but Bill... Oh!"

Charles sighed sadly, which crushed Janet. She wondered what had happened to Bill.

As they were going up the staircase, Charles gave her a brief background about Bill.

In one riot in Africa, one of Bill's arms was cut off by the terrorists when he went to save a wounded girl.

They stood in front of a room in the second floor. When Charles knocked on the door, an erupting shout was heard from inside the room. "Go away! I don't want to eat!"

Janet and Charles exchanged glances. Charles said, "Please go in and try your best to persuade him."

Janet slightly pushed the door open. The bedroom was dark since the window's curtain was drawn.

When the man sitting beside the bed saw the light come in from the door, he yelled, "I said that I don't want to eat! Haven't you heard my words? Get out!"

'Bill... Why did Bill become such a negative man?' thought Janet.

Feeling heartbroken, she slowly approached him.

The man was wearing a black shirt. He was sitting on the carpet near the bedside. There were some books beside him. He was looking absently at the gap between the curtains.

"Bill, " Janet called.

The soft voice shocked Bill; his heart trembled.

He turned his head around and looked toward the woman approaching him. But his eyes were in a haze, so he rubbed them.

"Bill, it's me. I'm here to see you."

This familiar voice... And familiar figure... It was Janet indeed!

Bill quickly stood up from the ground, but Bill suddenly turned around with his back facing Janet. "Jane, go away. Please, " demanded Bill.

Even though it was just for a short moment, Janet saw Bill's dirty face.

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