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   Chapter 217 He Had Lost His Left Arm

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Confused, Janet put down the chopsticks and went to the mansion's doorway.

"Hello, Michelle!" Janet was glad to see her daughter, so she picked up her pace.

Hearing Janet greet Michelle, Melissa was surprised and shouted, "Michelle is back home!"

Michelle also got excited and said, "Mother, Sister, I'm back!"

Spark was confused because he didn't know anything about a sister.

Janet immediately asked Michelle to get inside the house before coming out of the mansion along with Spark. She said, "Last night, my classmate's daughter stayed over for one night. She's my daughter's good friend!"

Spark, who was a bit skeptical about this, nodded and told her what Daniel had said, "Mr. Si said he will come here to pick his daughter up tonight."

"Tell him that he doesn't have to come here because I won't allow him to see my daughter anymore!" said Janet.

She could do whatever Daniel could to prevent her two children from seeing him!

"This..." Spark didn't know what to do, so he took out his phone. "I have to tell Mr. Si about this, " he said.

Janet didn't stop him and allowed Spark to call Daniel in front of her.

"Mr. Si, Miss Shao said that you don't have to come here tonight, and from now on... she won't allow you to meet your daughter." After uttering these words, Spark wiped away his cold sweat.

He kept nodding when Daniel spoke on the other end of the line and then hung up the phone.

"Miss Shao, Mr. Si had already changed your daughter's surname and registered her name on the Si family's household register. From now on, your daughter is a member of the Si family. Therefore, Mr. Si will still come here to pick her up."


After he finished these words, Spark was about to leave. However, Janet immediately stopped him and asked, "What? He had registered my daughter's name on the Si family's household register?"

When Janet was in Z Country, she wasn't able to register her children's names on her household register, so Daniel took advantage of this opportunity.

Spark smiled and said, "That's right. From now on, your daughter's surname is Si. Besides, Mr. Si is investing in her kindergarten now."


Janet grabbed the phone from Spark, asked him to unlock it, and calle

right now."

"Why?" asked Janet.

"He..." Brian took a deep breath and said, "He had lost his left arm during a riot."

What? Janet was shocked by the news; her mind went blank.

Bill had lost his left arm?

Bill cared about his looks very much and he surely couldn't accept this...

"Is he at your grandfather's house?" Janet asked Brian after she came to her senses.

"Yes." Brian nodded, and at this moment, Ivanka, hand in hand with a child, appeared at the airport exit.

Brian hung up, and he and two soldiers directly ran toward them.

Brian held the child in his arms and looked at him carefully.

All this time, Ivanka was sensitive about the military uniforms, fearing that she would see Brian again.

If he knew she had a son, he would take her son away.

Ivanka tried her best to keep calm. She grasped Brian's arm and said, "Who are you? Let go of my son!"

Knowing that he had two-year-old son, Brian stared at the child who looked like him and didn't want to let go.

He didn't answer Ivanka, but he told the boy in his arms: "I'm your father!"


Both Ivanka Yi and Lyman Yi were stunned.

'I have a father?' thought Lyman.

He was surprised, yet glad, so he happily put his arms around Brian's neck. "Father, father!"

When she heard Lyman, Ivanka got upset. She tried to stay calm and immediately snatched her son away from Brian's arms. "Lyman, I've told you there are many bad men nowadays. Why are you calling a stranger your father?"

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