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   Chapter 216 Do You Think I Like Daniel

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Samuel invited the Director-General of the Public Security Department to dinner and got the surveillance video from the hotel. The video showed that it was Clarissa who provoked Janet into a fight, so the Director-General changed his tune. He told Samuel that Janet should apologize to Clarissa. Samuel refused, for sure. It was not Janet's mistake!

While they were in a stalemate, Daniel came and sorted out their disagreement by persuading Clarissa's father.

"Janet, what are you so smug about? It's true that I don't have background like you, but I'm with Daniel everyday. I cook for him, clean up for him and take care of him. I can also bear his baby. What about you, Janet Shao? You have nothing but a child. You always push Daniel to get pissed at you."

Shirley sounded very calm. Janet knew how scheming Shirley was even under her calm tone.

"Shirley, you are talking about a maid rather than a wife. Do you think I really like Daniel? A stud like him is not even worth my attention!"

"What did you just say? Do you dare to say that again?" Shirley raised her voice once more.

Janet sneered and said it again. "Do you think I like Daniel? A stud like him is not even worth my attention and care. I have a lot more suitors than you think, and Daniel isn't the best among them!"

It was never easy for her to blurt out a lie...

Janet's heart was beating fast and eyes blinked. She closed her eyes and added more hot water into the bathtub.

"Why do you have to retaliate against me then?" Shirley suddenly changed her tone. "Janet, if you are not interested in him, why can't we be friends again?"

She pleaded again. Janet fixed her eyes on her toes. "Shirley, I don't think so."

Then she just hung up the phone.

Shirley saved the call recording and walked to the balcony with a glass of wine. She put on a cruel grin.

She might not have Janet's background, but she was more clever than her. Or should she just

let Melissa sleep on her arm. "Maybe I was the one who caused all these mess."

If she didn't get Shirley into the SL Group, they might not be together...

Daniel actually warned her that it might be inappropriate, but she didn't listen.

When she knew about Daniel and Ivanka, she was at Shirley's home. She were sleeping on the couch, but somehow she woke up and found herself on the bed. Maybe it was Daniel...

The nightdress Shirley wore that night... was quite sexy.

Janet felt a pounding in her heart. Maybe they had something special going on between them ever since...

After about three hours, someone knocked at the door.

"Mother, hurry up!" It must be Samuel as it was so late.

She envied mother so much for father loved her dearly.

"I'm up. Get some sleep, and don't think too much." Ella tucked Janet and Melissa in and left the bedroom.

It was indeed Samuel, who held Ella in his arms once she came out. They happily went back to their own room.

The next morning, the doorbell rang while Janet was feeding Melissa her breakfast. A maid went to answer the door.

It was Spark and Michelle. "Excuse me, I'm here to see Miss Shao."

"Wait for a moment please. Miss Shao, someone wants to see you." The maid went to the dining room to pass on the message.

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