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   Chapter 215 You Shouldn't Have Come Back

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One of them was really stubborn, and the other was bossy and proud. They were bound to clash and fight anytime!

As a man looking on from the outside, Spark sometimes could not understand the patterns of their relationship. Anyway, it came down to one word: love!

See, it was not that long since Janet had come back, and Daniel had already tricked her into bed. But it was not just playtime for Daniel.

Spark knew all about Daniel's private life. For those three years that Janet was gone, Daniel never had a woman.

He bought Shirley a house, clothes and bags...

But they never spent the night together.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Occasionally, Spark got anxious for them, but he could not tell Daniel in a straightforward manner, "You do love Janet, so stop looking for trouble!"

Nor could he tell Janet, "You are in love with Daniel. Admit it!"

Spark acknowledged that he didn't have the courage to do this. And there was their pride. Both of them would be unwilling to give in.

'Forget about it!' Spark decided to turn a blind eye.

No sooner had Spark thought about these than Daniel called him into his office.

"Mr. Si."

Daniel was smoking when he told him, "Take my daughter to the Royal Mansion tomorrow."

See, Daniel compromised. Ha!

"Okay, Mr. Si."

"Tell Janet I'll pick up Melissa myself during the night. Warn her not to play any tricks with me!"

Spark nodded, "Got it."

"And keep the bodyguards to watch her. Tell me if she goes to gang-related places again."

Daniel said these words in an emotionless voice. Finally, he put out his cigarette and opened his mailbox to deal with his work.

"Okay, Mr. Si."

"You can go out now."

Daniel set about the rest of his work. The company had been running steadily recently and he needed to go to A Country soon.

Now, he was thinking about taking her daughter to the trip with him.

Spark shook his head as he closed the office door.

Knowing that Janet had contacts with the gang, Daniel sent several casually-clothed bodyguards to follow her. These bodyguards were all equipped with top-of-the-line guns.

Moreover, all the cars had been modified to be b

about Daniel a million times. It depressed and hurt her.

In the following two years that she had amnesia, she did not experience the heartache of love again.

Now, she was back, and it started all over again.

Not only Daniel but also Shirley irritated her! Her heart was hurting yet again.

"I came back to see how you were toyed with by Daniel. He bought things and houses for you just to keep you as a mistress. Anyway, you can be a mistress at most. I know you know that already."

Not only did these words embarrass Shirley, actually... they also broke Janet's heart. No one knew how depressed she was.

She treated Shirley with all her heart and regarded her as her best friend. Unexpectedly, Shirley now became her enemy and she was fighting back at her... but how much courage she had to muster to say these words.

A mistress? Shirley clenched her fist. She was not even a mistress now. "How can you say that, Janet? If you hadn't come back, our wedding would have gone well! You shouldn't have come back. Your return will only cause trouble for everyone! You've upset everyone! I hope you know that too!"

"I'll do whatever I want. Does it have anything to do with you? Anyway I have a powerful father and an influential brother. And what do you have?" Shirley should mean the Clarissa affair.

That morning the Secretary of Public Safety brought people over and was ready to arrest her for intentional assault.

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