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   Chapter 214 You Will Do More Tasks

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"Daniel, you bastard!"

Looking at the screaming beautiful woman, Daniel kissed her red lips intensely.

And his big hands continued to caress her flawless legs...

Shirley closed her eyes, forcing her tears back.

Then a strong force dragged her towards the bed.

Frightened, she gave out a piercing scream.

Daniel moved away from Janet and pressed himself on Shirley. He said unscrupulously, "You see, Janet? I can have sex with whoever I want!"

Then he ripped Shirley's shirt. Now, the two women in bed were all in a fluster.

'Is there anything more insulting and humiliating than this?' Janet firmly bit her underlip with her white and even teeth.

Tightening her collar, she got up from the bed, and yanked Daniel up. She tried to slap him in the face.

However, it didn't happen.

Instead, she was silenced by Daniel with her hand held high in the air.

Her eyes were red, and she looked at Daniel as if she was looking at an enemy.

"If I continue to love you Daniel, I will be a bitch!"

She swept away his hand and tried to rush to the door of the lounge. Then she suddenly realized that her clothes were untidy. With her eyes closing in frustration for a second, she went to look through Daniel's wardrobe.

She threw all his clothes out of the wardrobe as if to vent her anger. Finally, she pulled out the last expensive suit jacket and put it over her shoulders.

"Damn you!" She cursed the man standing where he was, and left without looking back.

The office door was open. Daniel scratched his head restlessly.

'Good for you, Janet. You know what could upset me now! Won't you love me? And you even cursed me!'

Daniel lit a cigarette as he was thinking. Then he headed for his office.

Shirley alone in the lounge. She got up from the bed and had her clothes trimmed.

Fortunately, she had an undergarment under her shirt. Regardless of her discomfort, she returned the clothes Janet had thrown out to the wardrobe.

Before she left the office, Daniel spoke quietly to her, "From now on, you will do more tasks!"

Shirley looke

stood that Janet was Daniel's true love. "Then why did Mr. Si want to marry Miss Shirley before?"

Spark gave the secretary a grin but didn't answer her.

He thought, 'That was Mr. Si's way of forcing Janet back to him. If Janet really loved him, she would definitely come back when she heard that her ex-boyfriend and former best friend got married. The person you love the most and your best friend are getting married. No one can stand it! Of course, someone as headstrong and willful as Janet would not allow it to happen. Eventually, Mr. Si's strategy effectively worked. Not only did Janet show up, but she brought him a daughter. Mr. Si loves that little girl very much. He immediately asked me to decorate each of his apartments with a children's room, so that his daughter could live wherever she wanted. Not only that, but everything his daughter used in each house is from the world's top brands selected by Mr. Si himself. In short, Mr. Si loves Janet dearly. That's a fact that cannot be changed.'

These things were known to very few people. Only him and Shirley totally knew about the situation.

Sometimes, Daniel's naturally-reserved manner forced him to be naive and stubborn. It was really similar to Janet.

They obviously loved each other, but what they said and did was always on the extreme.

Neither of them would give in, neither was willing to apologize.

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