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   Chapter 213 Shirley's Hairpin

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Finally getting rid of Daniel, Janet collected herself together and headed towards the door.

As she was already near the door, Daniel opened it for her, pulled her waist and went towards the lift.

Daniel was going too fast and Janet had to run to keep pace with him.

"Daniel, let me go! It hurts..."

The secretary who had stopped Janet earlier gaped at them in astonishment.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and followed. When the lift stopped at the 88th floor, they immediately got in.

At the 88th floor

Through the transparent glass of the office, they watched Janet being pulled into the executive office by their boss.

Janet was thrown onto the bed in the lounge.

"How can you say you don't want your child? Janet, you don't deserve to be a mother!" Daniel looked down at her with utter disappointment.

Moving away from him, Janet retorted, "You don't allow the child to see her mother. Do you deserve to be a father?"

Daniel just smirked. "Since both you and me don't deserve to be parents, we are well-matched, then."

... Janet was disgusted. 'He was talking nonsense!'

She didn't care about it. She wanted to leave and just stay away from this monster!

When she got up, Daniel passed by the bed and stopped her.

"Fuck off! I have no time to waste with you!" Janet flared up and pushed Daniel away.

'Fuck off?!'

When Janet's hand was already on the handle, Daniel lifted her and threw her onto the bed.

Janet hurt her waist and screamed in her heart. 'Bullshit! It hurts!'

Then Janet thought smartly. She kicked off her shoes and crawled into his bed. "I won't go now! Daniel, you should pay me for the medical expenses and mental damages you have caused me! Ten million in total. I'll give you a 20% discount. Give me 8 million! I deserve that!"

'Was she making a scene?' Daniel's eyes snapped. He seemed to see the Janet of three years ago.

Actually, he liked that version of her. She was more

"Miss Shirley, come in the lounge please."

Seeing them pulling and pushing, Shirley was perplexed but she had to follow them.

In the lounge.

Daniel trapped Janet in the bed and commanded, "Close the door."

Shirley closed the door. There were only three people in the room now.

Daniel raised Janet's chin. "Janet, would you please coordinate with me to display my skill for Miss Shirley? I don't want her to have an idea that I'm no good in here."

"..." The two women in the room were utterly speechless.

Glaring at Daniel, Janet shouted, "Why do you have to go around the bush? Go ahead! You don't need to make a scene!"

Daniel's eyes looked intense as he put his hand on Janet's waist!

She felt herself heating up. Janet blushed and hurried to hold his hand. "Bastard! Let me go!"

"Let you go? You think too much!" Daniel smiled and kissed her in front of Shirley.

The door was opened. Daniel let go of Janet. "Stop!"

Shirley paused and stood still.

Janet held Daniel's arm and bit him hard. "Let me go! I want to go home!"

Daniel touched the teeth marks on his arm. 'Was she born on the year of the dog?' "You dare to bite me?"

"Yes." Janet bravely took a stand.

Her clothes was tore up by Daniel. All the four buttons on the clothes fell down on the floor.

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