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   Chapter 212 Do You Want Me to Show You, Mr. Si

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After hearing his refusal to return her child, Janet stared blankly at the phone. She was too angry to say anything.

Bastard! 'I should never trust a single word from a man speaking on a bed.' she thought to herself in disdain.

Throwing the case of the pill away, Janet drove towards the SL Group.

'All my sacrifice would be in vain if he didn't return my child. I can't let it happen.' she tried to convince herself.

After hanging up the phone, Daniel leaned against the wall, lit a cigarette, and walked towards the meeting room with anger in his heart.

When Janet arrived at the SL Group, a beautiful lady at the reception desk tried to stop her. But she paused at the sight of Janet's fury and the two bodyguards behind her.

Janet entered the lift exclusively reserved for the CEO because other lifts were not available just yet.

Arriving at the 88th floor, Janet didn't see Spark or Shirley. Instead, a young secretary who came here a year ago greeted her. But it was not of pleasure.

"Hello. This is the CEO office and you can't just walk around here." She warned Janet. The secretary didn't know her because she was on holiday leave when Janet had come here last time.

Janet cast a sideways glance at her but didn't want to make any trouble for her. She asked coldly, "Where is Daniel?"

Startled by her fiery eyes, the secretary replied unconsciously, "Mr. Si is in a meeting. What are you doing here?"

Janet then went back to the lift, and pressed the button to the 22nd floor.

In the 22nd floor

The secretary at the front desk tried to stop her too. "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"


The secretary looked at her, and said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Our boss is in a meeting. Do you have an appointment?"

"Are you kidding me? Which meeting room?" she asked impatiently. 'Make an appointment? I'm extremely mad right now as Daniel can't keep his promise.' she disdainfully thought to herself.

The secretary replied in a formal tone, "Please come here some other day after making an appointment. I'm sorry."

Jane heard it, but still walked towards the third conference room; the secretary tried to keep her from entering but was stopped by her bodyguards.

"You can't enter. Mr. Si is having a mee

But according to his words, it seems that I'm willing to do it.' she thought to herself.

Daniel pushed her on the desk. "Show me."

He got much closer to her.

Gritting her teeth, Janet closed her eyes, and tried to forget all her anger and humiliation.

"Daniel, you are a son of a bitch. Give my child back!" cried Janet. Janet eventually failed, and exposed her true feelings to Daniel.

He just put on a cold smirk and said, "Why stop disguising now?"

'She is so angry but still hides it and pretends to seduce me. Janet has indeed changed. In the past, she would have shouted at me angrily immediately.'

Janet covered her eyes to calm down herself.

She casually said, "It's okay if you don't return my child. After all, I still have a child with another man. I leave this to you... Oh, jeez!"

Her chin suddenly was gripped by Daniel. It was so painful that she wanted to give him a hard bite.

The man stared at her with hatred, and asked, "Whose child?"

"Mind your own business. The man I love. It doesn't involve you at all." She struggled to get away from his hands, but he didn't move.

Daniel answered while his face turned red, "It's Caspar."

'He would kill Caspar if I admit to it.' Janet knew Daniel.

To avoid bringing Caspar any trouble, Janet shook her head immediately and said, "Mind your own business. I give the child to you. I will leave now."

She changed her mind. Even if Daniel didn't tell her, she could still find Michelle with the help of the Tianye Men.

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