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   Chapter 211 Go to the Waterside Complex Now

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Janet had treated the daughter of the department head badly. She had somehow made trouble for herself already.

When the engine sprang back to life, her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Samuel calling.

"Dad." She picked up the phone, leaned back and closed her eyes. She knew this was coming.

"Jane, what happened? What caused the ruckus on the birthday party? Be honest with me. I'll eventually know." he asked. Shortly after Janet had left, Alina had called Ella.

Janet rubbed her eyes and replied, "Dad, don't worry. I'll apologize to Mrs. Zhou. We don't have to make a big deal out of it."

After all, she had destroyed the party and had left without eating anything.

Given that the other man was the head of an influential and powerful department, Samuel mused, "So who started it?"

"Not me! It was their fault! They even said that mom..." Remembering what Clarissa said, a deep thought rose in Janet's mind.

But she was afraid to asked her father about it...

"I see. I'll talk to Ethan. Please come home early." Samuel said nothing more and was about to hang up the phone.

Ethan Yi, the head of a department, was Clarissa's father. He was indeed someone that needed more than persuading.

"Dad, I am sorry I got you into this mess!" It made Janet felt so guilty. She really didn't mean to cause such trouble to her father.

Samuel realized that his daughter had grown up already. He smiled lovingly. "It's nothing. Sweetie, don't worry. Come home early."

"Okay, I will, Dad. See you, " Janet assured her father.

On the way to the Royal Mansion, Janet thought of Michelle. She was determined to bring her back from Daniel.

He had so many lovers around him. It could be a bad influence on Michelle.

After sending Shirley home, Daniel headed to the Eastern Manor.

When he arrived, Michelle had already fallen asleep. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and put on a satisfied grin.

His daughter was so lovely. She never made trouble at all.

Unfortunately, her mother was always the troublemaker. She was like a naive kid.

When Daniel came out his daughter's room, his phone rang. It was Janet calling.

"What?" He answered the phone as he was walking back to his own room.

Janet jumped straight to the point." Daniel, give me back my child. What do you want?"


ith this almost-fainting woman until daybreak.

When Janet woke up, it was already late afternoon!

Oh no! She opened up her cell phone with her weak hand.

Not surprisingly… There were a lot of missed calls.

She rubbed her painful temple and got up to take a shower. But she was so tired and had to hold to the wall to get into the bathroom.

There were several bags at the end of the bed. She opened them and found a bunch of clothes.

A complete set ranging from bra to shoes were inside.

She put on the clothes prepared by Daniel, grabbed her bag and left the Waterside Complex.

In case she was pregnant, Janet drove to a drugstore.

She bought some contraceptive pills, paused and then hesitated.

It was not because she wanted to have another child of Daniel. Actually, last night was not in her safe period and the pill might cause harm to her body.

At that very moment, her cell phone rang.

It was… Daniel.

"Are you going to give me back the child?"

Her eagerness for the child dismayed Daniel. He replied: "Throw the pills."

How did he know this?

She answered determinedly, "I have taken it already. Too late."

Then there was a few moments of dead silence as Janet felt a great anger from the other end of the phone. She took a deep breath and answered, "You didn't use a condom just for a moment of enjoyment. But I have to take care of myself."

"Don't put any thought on your child from now on." Daniel squeezed out the sentence through his clenched teeth.

Then he hung up the phone.

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