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   Chapter 210 Otherwise How Could It Be Possible that I Love you

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Janet said to herself, 'Daniel, don't even dream of standing by when I'm in trouble!'

Some of the women sneered at her, and while looking at her with contempt, they asked, "Which old man?"

'Old man?' Janet smiled at them.

In full view of the public, she walked on her high heels towards Daniel, who wasn't involved in the matter. What she did changed the woman's expressions and surprised them. Janet tidied Daniel's tie, ignoring all the other people's reactions.

"Boss Si, someone just said that you were an old man!"

What she said shook all the people present at the party.

"Oh my god! It's Daniel!" screamed a woman.

"It couldn't be him! Is she crazy?"

"It seems that Boss Si is ignoring her!"


In fact, Daniel did ignore Janet, and nonchalantly pulled his tie out of her hand.

Janet was angry at his flat reaction, which made her feel embarrassed.

He not only didn't help her, but also refused to reply to her.

All the people were looking at Janet, and were expecting her to continue to make a fool of herself.

She took a deep breath, and while she glared at the women, she asked, "Who said my mum was a murderer? Show yourself!"

A woman shrank her neck, and whispered, "It's true, and a lot of people saw it!"

Janet grabbed her by the collar and poured champagne over her head.

"Shit!" The woman then let out a cry and felt morose.

Clarissa was angry and walked towards Janet. Raising her hand, Clarissa was ready to slap her, but Janet had already caught her arm at this point.

She then threw Clarissa to the ground.

With one hand holding her body and another pointing at Janet, Clarissa, flabbergasted, glared at her, and said, "How dare you push me?"

Answering her question her own way, Janet stepped on Clarissa's hand.

Because Janet was wearing high heels today, Clarissa let out a piercing screech of pain. Janet sneered at her, and said, "Since you wanted to hit me and pointed at me, I've now destroyed your hand in return."


When she was about to call Brian, one hand grabbed her phone away.

Janet turned around and saw that Daniel had just hung up on a call.

"Give me my phone back, you bastard!" Janet was trying to take her phone back. From now on, she had nothing to do with him.

But she failed. Spark, who was holding Shirley, talked to the police for a while, and soon enough the three police cars left.

Clarissa looked at what happened stunned. She stared at Janet, and wondered, 'Is she really Daniel's wife?'

Daniel then returned the phone to Janet.

Then he raised Shirley up on her feet and left with her.

Clarissa said to Janet, "Look! That woman is Daniel's real fiancee. He already bought her a house in the city, and has also hired several bodyguards and servants for her.You're just his past, at most!"

She had been fascinated by Daniel, and had researched into Shirley.

What she said broke Janet's heart. Indeed, she was his past. Because she had chosen to leave when she had faced Daniel and Ivanka, Shirley had in turn successfully seized this opportunity to seduce Daniel.

"Throw her into the dump!" Janet waved her hands towards bodyguards and then left the hotel feeling exhausted.

"How dare you do this? I will have my revenge!"

"Oh! I don't want to be thrown into the dump. Help! Who can help me?"


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