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   Chapter 209 How Dare you Mock Her

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Standing in front of Alina, Janet smiled, and said, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Zhou. Happy birthday!"

"Sorry, you are?" Alina looked at Janet, puzzled. She felt that she seemed familiar, but didn't know exactly where.

The reason why Janet seemed familiar to her was that Janet resembled Samuel, but she had never seen Janet in her life, not even once.

Janet briefly introduced herself. She said, "My mother's Ella. My parents are very busy with some other things today, so I came to the party for them."

When she mentioned Ella, Janet heard whispers behind her.

Alina held her hands out to her, and said, "Oh, so you're Ella's daughter! My god, you are a beauty! I haven't seen you until now."

Janet explained, "Yeah, that's because I got back from abroad just a few days ago."

Alina introduced Janet to her husband, Felton Zhou. She said, "Felton, look! This is Ella's daughter, and isn't she a beauty, right?"

Felton looked at Janet from head to toe and nodded.

Ignoring the other men's glances, Janet smiled, and said, "Nice to meet you, mayor Zhou! I'm Janet Shao."

Alina pretended to get angry, and said, "Janet, just call me auntie, and Felton uncle."

Janet nodded with smile, and she passed the present she was holding in her hand to Alina, saying, "Happy birthday! I hope that you'll accept my scanty gift!"

Janet behaved herself from the very beginning to the end of the party, and in doing so attracted other people's attention.

Alina received her gift cheerfully, and then began to present Janet to all the other people around her. The first was Daniel, and she said, "Janet, your mom has asked me to help you make some more friends. This is Daniel, the more than capable CEO of the SL Group! Boss Si, this is my friend's daughter, Janet Shao."

Felton had become mayor for nearly two years, and Alina had followed him there. She knew nothing about what had happened between Daniel and Janet.

Daniel slightly shook the wine glass he was holding in his hand and said not

e almost fell down because someone had stamped on her dress.

Luckily, Milly held Janet and she didn't fell down.

"Oh, it seems that I failed to stamp your dress off. You look so sexy, don't you want to seduce Boss Si?" said Clarissa. While she was speaking, Clarissa swirled her wine glass arrogantly.

Janet couldn't stand her any longer; she had now hit her baseline.

What happened now drew many people's attention, and Janet became the main focus of the event.

Janet fixed her dress and then walked towards Clarissa with a full glass of champagne. She determinedly said, "Apologize to me, now!"

What Janet did reminded Daniel of the past, when she was still very lively, and stubborn.

The people surrounding Janet laughed.

They all laughed at her over-confidence.

"She asked Clarissa to apologize? How dare she!" asked a woman.

Clarissa looked at Janet mockingly, and said, "You? You want me to apologize? Why?"

Milly looked down on Clarissa, and said, "Three years ago, Janet was even more arrogant than you!"

"She? More arrogant? Why? Because of her beautiful face and figure? With which older man did you have sex with?" asked Clarissa. Some woman laughed at Janet, and changed their attitude towards her.

"Which man? Do you really want to know?" And then, all of a sudden, Janet mysteriously smiled.

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