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   Chapter 208 Your Father Will Run After You With A Besom in His Hand

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In a brisk tone, Janet said, "Auntie, do you know why my mother asked me to go to the mayor's wife's birthday party? She said that she wanted me to get to know more people and make new friends. I need to dress up to become more beautiful, because no one will make friends with an ugly girl." Janet then opened the door and walked out of the fitting room.

Anna followed Janet like a maid, and tried to smoothen Janet's dress. Anna said, "You are so naughty! You'll be the most beautiful girl present there even if you go without wearing any makeup."

While Anna was saying this, Shirley had entered another fitting room with an orange dress, and also followed by her assistant.

After hearing Anna's words, Janet smiled, and then stood in front of the mirror to smooth out the wrinkles on her dress, ignoring all the other people present there.

But despite all that, she could still feel that the man behind her was still looking at her, which made her feel a little nervous.

Anna somehow suddenly turned her around, and Janet was now standing face to face with Daniel.

Anna then said, "Daniel, have a look! What do you think about the dress?"

Daniel stared at Janet and at her dress for a while, and then said, "Your taste in clothing has become much more worse than before. The dress is ugly and disgusting."

Anna was confused after hearing Daniel's words, and then looked at Janet's dress again. She said to herself, 'I think the dress is very pretty, but it's showing too much skin.'

Janet's breath intensified when she heard Daniel. She took a deep breath, and said, "Auntie, I like it. Please ask a cosmetician to do some makeup for me."

Without even taking a glance at Daniel, she turned around and sat in front of the dresser.

Janet looked at herself in the mirror, and suddenly she saw Daniel appearing in it.

He grabbed her wrist, and in a cold and deep tone, he said, "I've told you that it was ugly. Haven't you heard my words?"

Janet pulled her hand back, and when she sneered at the man in the mirror, she said, "It's none of your damn business even if I look like a beggar!"

They looked at each other, with fires of anger sparkling in their eyes.

At that moment, a gentle voice was heard. "Daniel, what do you think of this dress?"

A happy smile appeared on Janet's face. She thoug

use she was wearing a pair of eight centimetre high-heeled shoes. She soon had to sit down on a sofa.

As time passed, there were more and more guests inside the hotel, chatting and laughing in small groups.

Suddenly, several women sitting opposite to Janet stood up, and screamed, "Daniel, wow, look, it's Daniel!"

When Janet heard their scream, she couldn't help but turn around and look towards the door of the hotel.

Daniel and Shirley had arrived.

Although they were wearing high-heeled shoes, the young ladies instantly rushed towards Daniel, as if Daniel were their husband.

Even some elder women were surprised at Daniel's good looks, their faces flushing red.

Janet stopped glaring at Daniel and instead began to look at the glass of champagne in her hand.

Many men, both old and young, wanted to come over to talk with Janet, but all of them were stopped by the bodyguard standing behind her.

A few minutes later, the mayor and his wife appeared in the hotel.

They were instantly surrounded by many guests. Janet didn't move, and she decided to leave after giving the gift to Alina.

Later in the evening, it came the time to cut the cake, and Felton held Alina's hand and they cut the cake together.

Everyone could tell that Alina was very happy. Janet was a little jealous.

She thought, 'Everyone here is happy, only I'm the one who isn't.'

Janet also thought it was time to leave, and she walked towards Alina with her gift. Near her, Daniel, Felton and other two officials were talking about something.

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