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   Chapter 207 I am Afraid Pink No Longer Suits Me

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Caspar Qiao called for the bill, and then they walked out of the private room.

As they passed by the room next to theirs, the door opened, and a server came out. He courteously said, "After you, Mr. Si and Miss Zheng."

Janet Shao paused. She looked back and saw Daniel Si and Shirley Zheng stepping out of the room.

She didn't stop walking. Instead, she took Caspar by the arm and whispered, "Let's go, Caspar." Her sudden change in behavior bewildered Caspar.

He turned and saw the couple from his peripheral vision. And then he immediately understood.

The server went on talking to Daniel and Shirley, but Daniel's eyes were focused on the backs of the man and the woman in front of him.

In the parking lot

Caspar opened the passenger door for Janet. When she was about to get in, she saw Daniel and Shirley walk out of the hotel together.

Daniel was wearing a gray suit and a black tie, seeming indifferent and extravagant, while Shirley was in a luxurious white dress. Her burgundy curls draped over her shoulders.

Janet guessed that her dress must be from Daniel.

Looking away, she forced herself to smile to disguise her annoyance.

As they drove away, Daniel saw her in the passenger seat. She was looking at Caspar with a sweet smile on her face...

When Janet got home, there was no one there, So she took out her phone to browse the internet.

In the afternoon, she received a phone call from Ella Bo. "Mom, " she said.

"Where are you, Janet?"

"I'm home." Janet was cozy in bed, looking out the window.

She suddenly remembered how three years ago Daniel climbed into the room through the window to see her…

She was reminiscing the whole time, so she did not hear a word of what Ella said.

She wasn't responding until Ella called her name the third time, "Oh, Mom, what did you say?"

… Ella repeated with a sigh, "Today is the mayor's wife's birthday, but I'm occupied at the moment. I need you to run an errand for me. Please go buy a gift for her and then take it to the birthday party."

What? Honestly, Janet had no interests in attending such occasions. She knew that places with a lot of women were not her cup of tea.

Besides, she was already a s

pered, "So, Jane, are you two officially separated? It couldn't be. After all, you have a kid now."

Janet nodded as she got undressed. "We had to break up. As you can see, they're together now. If it wasn't for the baby, they would have already been on their honeymoon."

She said casually, as if she wasn't hurt.

Anna mused, "About their wedding, Jane, we knew nothing of it until we read it from the news. Lola was very angry about it. You know, her son was getting married and she had only gotten the news three days before the wedding day."

With the help of Anna, Janet took off her clothes and got dressed.

"Aunt Anna, please don't mention him anymore. I was too stupid to bring the baby to him!" She said as she turned her back for Anna to zip it up for her.

These dresses were all Eason Bo's original designs. Each of them was good enough to be entered in fashion design competitions.

"Well, now he knows that he has a daughter, how could he be able to leave you?" Their baby was so lovely. Daniel's face brightened when he first met her.

Anna wrinkled her brows on seeing the dress she wore, "I think this one exposes too much, Jane. I don't think it's the right one. It's hardly appropriate for such an occasion!"

The dress Janet was trying on was a long, strapless, black evening dress. It exposed all of her skin above her chest.

But when they smoothened it down, the dress draped around her frame nicely, revealing her excellent figure.

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