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   Chapter 206 I will Also Destroy This Woman

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Brian remembered the red stain on the bed sheet; he nodded his head to Janet.

But he then shook his head and asked Janet, "When did she confirm her pregnancy?"

Janet lowered her head and thought for a while. She then gave him an estimated date of her conception. The date was around the time of their intercourse, so Brian nodded his head again to confirm it. It must have been his own child!

"Let me help you look for her. How about it?" Janet sighed. She wondered how the story became... so ridiculous!

They kept talking for a while as they continued walking. "If it's convenient for you, please help me look for her, " said Brian.

He had always been on confidential missions, so he hadn't the chance to search for Ivanka himself. Now that he heard that she ran away with his own child, he would definitely try his very best and take advantage of all resources to search out Ivanka's whereabouts!

At the end of the alley was a wide road. Janet saw a parked Rolls Royce on it. The driver seat's window was half open, and a man was sitting there, smoking a cigarette and staring at Janet.

... When Janet noticed him, she frowned in an instant.

But when she remembered Sally's words, her face flushed red.

Brian looked at the changed expression on Janet's face, and he tittered bitterly. He then held Janet into his arms and said, "I have missed you so much in these past three years!"

This hug might be their last hug, as he had to focus on this woman named Ivanka.

Janet was shocked by his tight hug, and even though she could feel the angry aura from the man in the car, she still wrapped her arms around Brian's waist and said, "Thank you, Brian!"

Then, there was a heavy sound coming from a slammed car door. Soon enough, she had fallen into another man's arms.

Daniel held her chin tightly. He gritted his teeth and squeezed out the words, "My daughter's mother, how dare you hug another man! Janet, don't you want to meet my daughter again?"

Janet felt her chin ache, and she kicked Daniel's leg with a high-heeled shoe.

Daniel slightly furrowed his brows by her kick, but he didn't let go of his grip on Janet's chin.

Brian intended to drag Janet away, but at that moment, a black Lamborghini stopped at the road side. A man dressed in a black western suit came out of the car. He quickly came over and dragged Janet away.

Finally, these three men, each of whom had a sterling reputation and powerful demeanor, stood there and met each

ished reputation with the Tianye Men of C Country.

In Quan Ju Restaurant

In a private room, Janet and Caspar sat face to face at a table. Janet took a sip out of her glass of juice and asked, "Didn't you say that you were in Z Country this morning?"

Caspar grinned and said, "I wanted to surprise you."

Janet raised her brows. 'Yeah, I was really surprised.'

The dishes were soon placed on the table, and Caspar picked up some food for Janet with a pair of chopsticks. They kept silent in the room.

Janet meditated for a while, and she finally opened her mouth and said, "Caspar, I have something to tell you."

The man froze for a bit, but then he picked up a piece of fishball, placed it on her bowl and said, "Have your food first."

Janet nodded her head.

When they began to talk about the twins, the atmosphere between them became better.

Caspar put down his chopsticks; Janet wiped her mouth after she finished her rice in the bowl.

"Janet, please stay in C Country these days and spend more time with your family. Don't worry about the affairs in Z Country. Please think about it. When you make up your mind, I will take you to my grandfather."

The room was quiet again. All of a sudden, Janet happened to notice the Rolls Royce outside in the parking lot. She was surprised; her heart beat fast.

She then nodded to Caspar and said, "Okay, Caspar, thank you!"

Caspar held her hand which rested on the table and said, "Janet, if... he doesn't treat you well... you know, I'm waiting for you."


Janet drew her hand back, lowered her eyelids, and drank from her glass of juice.

She didn't say anything.

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