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   Chapter 205 Didn't You Know that She Got Pregnant

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After Samuel Shao's car left, Janet Shao caught sight of a military vehicle.

The man who got out of the car surprised Janet. "Brian, " said Janet with a smile.

Brian, dressed in his usual military uniform, walked up to Janet, and touched her head with a smile. "Janet, long time no see. Where have you been these past three years?" he asked.

Sometimes, he missed her too much which tortured him. After knowing that she went missing, he spent a long time to look for her, but he didn't succeed.

"I have been abroad. How's everything going with you recently? What went on yesterday?" she asked. She changed the subject to hide her personal matters.

Brian stared at her and saw how much she changed. In fact, he had noticed it last night.

"I stayed with Luke for a covert mission for half a year and tried to find evidence of his crime to bring him to justice, " he replied. He got the mission because Luke had been involved in cross-border trafficking, which he usually dealt with.

Janet knew it and asked, "Did he get caught?"

They walked and talked along the road.

The man in a Rolls Royce near them fixed his deep eyes on their backs as they faded away from his sight.

'Janet, you are always surrounded by many men.' Daniel thought.

Brian nodded and asked, "Why did you show up there?"

'Only leaders of gangs are invited in feasts like those. Janet wasn't supposed to be there. But she was there, and people even referred to her as Miss Janet. Besides, when she was caught by Hansen, she looked quiet calm...' Brian pondered.

After musing for a while, Janet decided to tell Brian the truth, "In the past three years, I stayed with the Tianye Men in Z Country, and then I took over the Tianye Men."

Hearing this, Brian frowned and sank in thought.

"Why did you take over a gang? Janet, you shouldn't be staying there, " said Brian.

'Janet is so innocent and energetic that deserves to be well-protected by a man with a powerful background, and

cquired by the SL Group. His wife and eldest daughter had been sent abroad, banning them to enter C Country because of Daniel, " she said.

Daniel had manipulated the news. Brian knew the truth.

He didn't tell Janet that Poe had been shot, and

His wife and eldest daughter had been sold to a nightclub abroad.

"I haven't seen her since then. I didn't contact any one I know, " she said. Janet told the truth. After her memory loss, she didn't even contact her parents.

She looked at his side profile, tilted her head, and asked, "Why the sudden mention of her?"

It reminded her of when Daniel showed her proof that the child Ivanka had wasn't his.

She gazed at Brian in shock.

'Is Brian the father of that kid?' She wondered.

Looking at her widely open mouth, Brian couldn't help but laugh. "Nothing. Why do you look like that?" he asked.

Janet stood still and asked, "Are you the father of her child?"

Brian kept standing still, with a stern and pale look.

Looking at his expression, she couldn't resist her curiosity and asked, "Didn't you know that she got pregnant?"

Brian shook his head, with hands clenched into fists.

'That woman dared to disappear with my child.' He thought.

Janet paused for a few seconds and then asked again, "So are you the real father of her child?"

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