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   Chapter 204 Daddy is So Handsome

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Janet adjusted her clothes, slapped Daniel in the face and said, "Asshole!" Then, she turned around and left the villa in a hurry.


Daniel punched the pillar with his fist. Apart from getting blue balls, he was also slapped by Janet. How frustrated must he had been!

Early next morning

Janet got a call from Caspar very early the next morning. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes, I am fine." Daniel had saved her life, kind of.

"Okay. I had someone look for the mastermind. I won't let them walk away, " Caspar said coldly.

Janet sat up on the bed, nodded her head, and said, "Where are you?" Meanwhile, the door opened, and Melissa walked into the room.

She climbed onto the bed. Janet smiled at her and held Melissa in her arms.

"I planned to fly to C Country. But something came up, so I cancelled my flight. I will get there, maybe two days later." Caspar smiled at the paper with Janet's address on it.


"How about the twins?" Caspar's mood became better when they talked about the twins.

Janet handed over the phone to Melissa and said, "It's Uncle Caspar."

"Uncle Caspar, this is Melissa." Melissa's sweet voice made Caspar feel warm.

"Do you miss me, Melissa?" Caspar said softly. He was kind to the kids.

Melissa nodded her head and said, "I miss you very much, Uncle Caspar. Please take care of yourself."

"Of course, I will. Where's your sister?"

"Michelle is with Daddy. I am with Mommy." Janet paused and stopped dressing up.

Caspar understood that "Daddy" was Daniel. The twins really looked like Daniel.

"Oh, okay. Take good care of Mommy, " Caspar's mood went down again.

"Yes, I will. Goodbye, Uncle Caspar."

After she hung up the phone, Melissa couldn't hardly wait to ask Janet, "Mommy, when can I meet Daddy?"

She missed Daddy Daniel. Michelle had been with him for two days.

Janet felt her heart sink when she heard the question, "Do you really miss him?"

"Yes, I do! Daddy is so handsome!" There was a sparkle in Melissa's eyes when she mentioned her daddy. She was the type who admired all the handsome men she sees.


me. I will keep hunting Daniel to get my daughter back."

If she kept stirring up trouble, Daniel might get annoyed and would let go of Michelle.

John went to school after breakfast. Samuel and Ella went to old house with Sally and Melissa.

Jerry went to work. Janet had nothing to do, but to go talk to Daniel.

Before Sally got in the car, she pulled Janet aside and said in a low voice, "Janet, Daniel can be persuaded by reason, but not by force. You can..." Sally gave her a wink and threw her a kiss.

Janet was speechless.

She had to sell her body in order to get her daughter back. How sad was that.

Janet shook her head and said, "Absolutely not! I am still angry with him. How could I throw myself at him? No way!"

Sally cupped her cheek with an "I don't care" look, and said, "I am on your side, believe me or not. Try everything you can, or Melissa would end up staying with Daniel."

"But, it's Daniel you are talking about. I know him well. Even if I seduce him for my daughter's sake, he might still not let Michelle go. What would I do then?" That sounded like something Daniel would do. He was shameless.

"Stop whispering, Sally. Get in the car. Let's go." Ella held Melissa in her arms and had been waiting in the car for a while, but Sally and Janet kept talking.

"Bye, Jane!" Sally got in the car and left Janet standing in front of the villa, watching them leave.

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