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   Chapter 203 Nobody Would Feel Sorry For Me Nor Care About Me.

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As Janet pointed to him, Daniel smiled grimly.

"You see, he, Mr. Daniel Si, CEO of the SL Group, is worth several hundred billion dollars. The woman beside him is his fiancee and is worth more than me."

As Shirley heard her name mentioned, she felt unnerved and drew herself near Daniel.

Hansen certainly knew Daniel's eminent identity, and he also knew that it was better to take Daniel as his hostage. But he exclaimed, "You're the head of the Tianye Men and you have tens of thousands of followers. If I take you away, I would be able to keep myself safe."

Upon hearing this, Janet shook her head and said, "You are wrong."


"I have no real power within the Tianye Men. If I die, nobody would feel sorry for me nor care about me." What Janet said was true. Since she became the head of the Tianye Men, she had had many enemies.

Caspar was bent on making her lead the Tianye Men, but he never thought that she would become the target of the enemies.

Due to what Janet said, Hansen grabbed her and slowly walked toward Daniel. When he saw this, Luke went crazy and cried out, "Hansen! You fool!"

Hansen was stopped on his tracks and looked toward Luke.

At this time, Janet wrenched Hansen's gun-holding hand and directed his hand up so that the gun pointed at the ceiling. Then, the gun fired.

Hearing the gunshot, Shirley screamed. It made everyone grimace.

The scream made Janet angrier. She threw her purse aside and gripped the gun, held by Hansen, with her two hands. She kicked Hansen on his shin.

Hansen felt the pain on his right shin, making him kneel on one leg.

Daniel, then, threw a glass at the gun in Hansen's hand. The gun dropped to the ground.

Several Special Forces soldiers instantly subdued Hansen.

Suddenly, shots from weapons were heard outside. A Special Forces soldier rushed in and told Brian, "There are quite a few Luke's subordinates outside."

Brian smiled coldly. 'There is no point in coming here to try to save Luke. It's a suicide mission.'

"Take Luke and leave."

Brian took his gun and left the private room with the two hostages.

At that moment,

d, I will return home soon. I'm fine now. It was just… an accident." Actually, it wasn't the first time the "accident" happened to her.

Samuel didn't hang up until he had reconfirmed that his daughter was fine.

"Satisfied?" said Janet. She put her phone back into the purse and pushed his arms away. Just as she was about to leave, He grabbed her hands again and brought her into his house.

Janet leaned against a pillar by her side and looked at Daniel who was changing his shoes. "Why did you bring me here? Is my daughter here?"

She didn't actually think that Daniel would let her see her daughter. 'I'm a fool. I turned up with my kid and he took it away.'

"Janet, you let my kid live such a dangerous life with you, " Daniel lifted her jaw. 'How dare she mention the kid before me!'

Janet slapped his hand away and said, "It's none of your business-"

Her lips were covered by his. The familiar smell of Daniel assaulted her and awakened her every nerve.

She wanted to flee, but she couldn't for he pressed the back of her head with his right hand and held her waist with his left.

It was a deep kiss, not like the violent kiss they had last time.

It was three years since they had met each other. They were both intoxicated in the kiss.

He pressed her body against a pillar. An atmosphere of love permeated throughout the whole room. Just as he was about to enter her, she pushed him away.

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