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   Chapter 202 We Can't Hurt Her

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Janet was feeling doubtful as she listened to Vern's words. Why did he ask her that? Had Caspar returned to C Country already?

She fell silent for a moment, and realized that Caspar hadn't given all of the information out; he was hiding something. Thinking of this, she shook her head, and said, "I don't know where he is. He didn't say anything to me."

Brian entered the room and sat beside Luke, but Luke looked unhappy. He quietly spoke into Brian's ear, "Those guys, they seemed to not have completed their mission, since they didn't come back to our headquarters yet. What the hell are they doing?"

"Don't worry. If they failed, I'll complete the task myself." Brian scowled; he was pretty upset about his fellow comrades.

As he looked at Brian's angry look, Luke reminded him, "Don't be so impulsive; remember that we have other missions this evening. There are many important people here, and we must seize the chance to make them our friends".

Janet overheard their conversation, and her eyes got lost in thought.

At this point, Blake stood up and made a toast to Vern. He said, "Mr. V, thank you so much for coming to this party, it's wonderful to meet you. May I have a drink with you?"

Vern nodded slightly, and he raised his glass and took one sip of wine. Unlike Vern, Blake drained his glass in one gulp.

He then walked up to Daniel, and said, "Mr. Si, you are a fantastic man. Thank you! Thank you for saving my life five years ago, I'm deeply grateful and indebted to you. Cheers!"

Daniel also raised his glass, and replied in a calm tone, "Blake, you're quite welcome. It was not that much of a big deal."

They shared a drink and exchanged polite greetings with one another.

Blake asked his fellow to refill the glass, and then he moved towards Janet and flattered her on her career. "Miss Janet, your business is thriving. Tianye Men has won a place in C Country, and I admire your courage and superior ability. By the way, you are very pretty, and it's a real pleasure to meet you here."

Hearing his blarney, Janet gave him a polite smile, and replied, "Mr. Blake, you are very modest. I'm also very glad to be here, and thank you for your great kindness that you're showing me."

She stood up from her seat and gulped down a glass of wine.

Luke marveled at her, and said, "Wow! That's awesome! Miss Janet, you're also really good at drinking. You must be a female icon!"

Janet sat down and wiped her mouth with a small handkerchief, and said, "Luke, don't be so modest. You're actually better than me."

Janet returned the compliment w

took Janet by her hand and let her hide behind him.

Luke now instantly knew that Brian was the man who had betrayed him. He wanted to fight him but two soldiers caught him by the arm and held him before he could make a move on him. Luke lost control, and shouting at Brian, "Frank! No, I should actually call you Brian. You sick bastard, you've betrayed us! Go to hell!"

Brian impassively watched Luke. He now tore off his false beard and showed his credentials to Luke, and said with a cold voice, "You are arrested on suspicion of involvement in human trafficking and arms dealing. Lock him up!"

"Damn it, Frank! You sick bastard! I'll kill you! Just wait and see!" Luke shouted like a rabid man as a solider held tightly onto his arms.

Suddenly, a man ran out of the crowd, and he picked up a gun and pointed it at Janet's head.

"You'd better let my boss go, or otherwise I'll kill this woman!" shouted the man.

Luke was very surprised by what he saw. He tried to comfort his fellow, and said, "Hansen, don't be foolish! Calm down! She has a powerful background, and we can't hurt her. Let her go!"

Luke thought to himself, 'The blundering fool! The Tianye Men will never let him go if Hansen hurts Janet.'

Hansen also panicked. He looked at Luke, and cried, "Boss, help me! I don't want to die!"

Brian and Daniel worried that Janet would be frightened by what had happened, but she kept her calm all the way.

"Hansen, trust me. I'm the boss of the Tianye Men, but I'm nobody for the police. Your work has no value, and they will not rescue me. Please, let me go now." As she said this, Janet pointed towards Daniel, who was just sitting and watching the whole scene with a handsome and calm face.

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