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   Chapter 201 Is Daniel One of Vern's Relatives

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Shirley, who was still at the door, was just about to leave, but Daniel called her again, and said, "Ask Spark to come in."

"Okay, Mr. Si." Shirley then closed the door behind her.

She stood outside the office, with sadness gleaming in her eyes. After their wedding ceremony had been wrecked, Daniel hadn't spoken one word to her in private.

After telling Spark what Daniel had just said, Shirley sat down on her seat, absent-minded.

If Janet hadn't come back, she would have become Daniel's wife. Even if... they were husband and wife on paper only, she was still willing to marry him.

However, Janet had now returned, and it was very obvious that everything was the same as it was three years ago; Shirley, again, had become the person who couldn't get any sort of attention...

Daniel, of course, didn't care about anyone else since Janet had reappeared.

At the office

"Check the address of the place where she's having dinner tonight, and take a group of people along to follow her." While Daniel uttered these words, they made Spark wonder whether they really had any emotion in them, or not.

"Okay, Mr. Si." Spark took out his phone and began to make phone calls.

After Spark left the office, Daniel looked at the weapon on his desk, and thought that Janet must have practiced a lot in the last three years...

In fact, Janet had practiced for only two years, because she had just started practicing it late in her pregnancy.

During that period, she was feeling very bored, so she decided on killing time with this...

In the evening, there were many people going in and out of an inconspicuous restaurant, but the bodyguards, who were dressed in their black clothes, could be seen everywhere around it and in it.

Everyone who entered the restaurant needed first to be frisked, and no one was allowed to bring in with them any dangerous items.

When a woman, wearing a black coat, got out of a black luxury car, two men, dressed in ordinary clothes, immediately walked up to her.

They greeted Janet, "Miss Janet, welcome!" In fact, both of them were several years, or maybe even more than ten years older than Janet was. But, since she was the leader of the Tianye Men, people who knew her or didn't know her personally, had to call her in a respectful manner.

In fact, Janet didn't want to lead such a life at all, but when she had lost her memories during those two years, everything naturally came to her.

Now she had recovere

introducing Daniel to everyone present at the table.

"Janet, I'm sorry."

When Shirley had the chance, she apologized to Janet.

But after she heard her, Janet just sneered. Sorry? She didn't demand any apology from Shirley.

When Luke introduced Frank, Daniel took a long look at him. Frank imperceptibly winked at him, and then pretended not to know him, and said, "Mr. Si, I've heard a lot about you!"

Daniel flatly spoke, "It's so kind of you to say that."

When Luke was about to introduce Janet, Janet suddenly stood up from her seat, and told Luke, "I need to go to the bathroom."


Luke was a little embarrassed, but Janet picked up her handbag, which was placed behind her, and then left the private room.

Daniel looked at Janet's back when she was going away and then slowly sat back down, not changing the expression on his face for a second.

After a while, Frank also left the room to go and look for her. When looking at the private room's door, which was closed, Daniel began to look thoughtful.

After she came out of the bathroom, Janet put her handbag aside and started to wash her hands.

A man came in, and while standing beside her and turning on the tap, he said, "You just have to pretend that you don't know me, and you need to leave here halfway through the dinner, " he said.

Janet had now stopped washing her hands, and asked, "Are you carrying out a task now?"

Brian nodded and vigilantly looked in the mirror.

When Janet returned to the private room, the waiters had already begun to serve the dishes. Janet sat back on her seat, and she heard Vern ask her, "Janet, where is Caspar?"

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