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   Chapter 200 I Will Kill You

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Janet Shao took off her sunglasses and smiled. She said, "I haven't seen you for a long time, Mr. Shi!"

Spark Shi stared at Janet with his mouth opened.

The mature woman had really surprised him. 'They said Janet had come back to wreck Daniel Si and Shirley Zheng's wedding, ' thought Spark. 'Well, I see that indeed it wasn't a lie. And it makes sense. Who else would dare break inside the SL Group?'

Shirley turned pale when she saw Janet, who was looking amazing, but Janet didn't even glance her, and instead walked straight towards Daniel's office.

Janet wasn't the impulsive person that she used to be.

If she hadn't changed, she would have scratched Shirley's face like a rabid cat immediately after knowing about their wedding.

But now, she just ignored her…

When Janet pushed the door open, Daniel was chatting with his daughter over the phone.

He looked at the woman and instantly frowned, but he didn't let his daughter know what was going on. Instead, he calmly said, "Sorry, sweetie, daddy has some business to attend to, but I promise I'll call you back later."

He then ended the call, leaned back in his chair, and looked at Janet and her bodyguards with a pair of cold eyes.

Meanwhile, over ten security guards had already rushed to the office, but were stopped and dismissed by Spark.

"You truly are the leader of the Tianye Men... Otherwise, you wouldn't be so arrogant, " said Daniel. He took out a cigarette and lit it.

Daniel's words astonished Janet. 'How could he possibly know about what I've done back in Z Country? Huh! Power!'

She calmed herself down quickly and then strolled to the sofa, on which she sat down and put her handbag aside. She then picked up the teapot?to make some tea, and leisurely said "I'll meet with my girl right here, in no more than 30 minutes!"

Daniel didn't take her words too seriously, and instead coldly replied, "Get out! Now!"

Janet wasn't?frightened anymore. She put a few excellent tea leaves into the pot, and retorted, "Daniel, don't be stubborn. If you don't bring my daughter here like I said, I'll smash everything in the room."

Daniel gave Janet a cold stare, and thought, 'Well, that's why you brought so many men here! Excellent!'

He flicked his cigarette ash in the ashtray, and replied, "Do as you please, but I swear you will never find her."

Janet sneered, and slamme

Janet almost lost control of herself then, as if everything she had learned?during the past three years was gone.

Before she could utter another word, the door opened, and Shirley entered the room. She froze with terror when she saw so many guns.

The scene had brought memories back-she remembered that several years ago, Janet?had saved them out of the village…

"Shirley, see her out."

His words were ice-cold, heartless.

Shirley took a deep breath to summon some courage. She then passed by the bodyguards, and with a sweet smile, she said, "Janet, this way, please."

Her smile tore Janet's heart out, but Janet didn't say a word and took out her ringing phone.

Janet recognised the phone number, and she couldn't hide her complex feelings.

Daniel noticed her expression, and his eyes darkened in an instant.

Janet answered, "Hi, Caspar!"

'It's a man, of course.' The thick smoke in front of Daniel concealed his expression from Shirley's eyes.

"Dinner? Okay … Where? I'll be there tonight." Janet left the room while talking with Caspar over the phone. She continued, "I know, I'll bring more people with me."

"By the way, do you remember the man that we met at the party earlier? I don't want to see him ever again…" Daniel witnessed her leaving, as well as her unexpected return.

"Look after my daughter, I'll bring her back in one or two days, " requested Janet.

She was still on her way leaving, while still talking on the phone.

Silence conquered the office again, and Daniel?stared at his broken phone on the ground with mixed feelings.

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