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   Chapter 199 Daddy Will Not Lie to Me

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Janet Shao covered her daughter's mouth, and said, "Stop talking! Your daddy will take you away from me if you keep yelling!"

The little girl pushed away her mother's hand, and asked, "Mommy, why didn't you tell me earlier that my daddy is so handsome. I prefer to stay with him!"

... Janet was surprised that her daughter had 'betrayed' her so quickly.

The man impatiently knocked on the car's window for several times, and Janet lowered it, and coldly said, "Mr. Si, you got the news faster than I thought."

'It must've been Sally or Jerry who told Daniel the news about my return! Jerry was more suspicious, I'll beat him when I come back, ' thought Janet.

"Daddy, daddy!" Michelle reached out her hands to Daniel.

Looking at his lovely daughter, Daniel's heart softened. He then opened the car's door and held his daughter in his arms.

"Daddy, I've finally met you!" Daniel was so happy that he didn't understand the deeper meaning of her daughter's words.

He looked at her daughter and smiled, and said, "Daddy's missed you too! Do you want to play with daddy?"

Daniel held the little girl and then got in his Bentley.

Janet quickly got out of her car, and said, "Daniel, you can leave now! Give me back my daughter!"

Ignoring Janet's words, Daniel held her lovely daughter in his arms and got inside his car.

Michelle looked at her mother and worried about her. She asked Daniel, "Daddy, will you stop me from seeing mommy from now on?"

Michelle was worried, which in turn made Daniel soften even more, "No, I won't, but only if your mother is obedient, okay?"

After hearing Daniel's words, Michelle nodded. She comforted Janet through the opened window, and said, "Mommy, I'll play with daddy for a while. Don't worry! Daddy just said that if you are obedient, you can see me again!"

Michelle's voice was soft and cute, which made Daniel smile and look at her daughter dotingly.

"Baby, he is lying. Come back to mommy, I'll take you to meet your grandparents."

Michelle looked at her handsome daddy, and said, "Mommy, daddy will not lie to me. Don't worry, I will meet my grandparents some other time!"

... How could D

nce. A lot of guards got out of the cars, and stood on both sides, guarding the building.

A woman got out from a car, and she wore a black chiffon shirt and a pair of black chiffon loose pants, with a matching big red bag.

Janet also wore her sunglasses to cover half of her face, the exceptions being her chin and her big red lips.

Looking at the skyscraper, she smiled, and thought, 'Long time no see, SL!'

Janet entered the building quickly, and the people inside were shocked by her appearance.

When Janet walked towards the second main entrance, she was stopped by the company's security staff.

Two of her guards immediately came to her aid and pushed them aside, and the security staff immediately called for the help of their other colleagues.

The front desk girl had been changed, and the current one didn't know Janet. Janet ignored her while she tried to stop her and confidently walked towards the elevator.

"Oh my god, what's happening? Did our CEO have trouble with the gangster's head?"

"One, two three... Oh my god, she has twelve guards. She must have come to do something!"

"Should we call the police?" discussed the SL staff.


At the 88th floor, where the president's office was.

When the elevator opened, a woman and a dozen guards came out of it, which shocked Spark Shi.

"Morning. Can I help you?" he asked. Spark tried to stop the woman, with whom he felt that he was familiar with.

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