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   Chapter 198 It Was All Because of Your Stupid Idea

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Back in her room, Janet was just about to go to the bathroom when the door was suddenly opened.

… Caspar was sitting in the door, with his sturdy chest bare, and filled with scars.

He was dressed only in his shorts.

Janet frowned, and asked, "Caspar, I think you entered my room by mistake."

Hearing her speak, Caspar didn't leave, and instead entered her bedroom and closed the door behind him.

The twins were in the adjacent children's room; Janet was alone in the bedroom.

She got frightened and stepped back. "Caspar, please get out of here at once!" she shouted.

She thought that there surely would be gossip if someone were to find out that she stayed with him in the same room.

Caspar ignored her words, and only Croft's words kept on echoing in his mind, "Sleep with her! Sleep with her!"

He grabbed her by the wrists, pushed her on her bed and pressed her down.

"Caspar! Have you gone mad?" Janet tried to push him away, but she failed. He bent his head and kissed her.

Janet turned her head to one side and his kiss fell on her hair instead.

Despite her struggle, Caspar still held her face in his hands and kissed her red lips.

She was so beautiful that in that moment Caspar lost his mind.

Janet bit his thin lip hard and both of them tasted blood, but he still didn't let her go.

'What should I do? What should I do?' Janet thought. She arched her right leg and kicked him hard in his thigh.

Then she tried her best to push him away again. Finally she succeeded, and she got up from the bed and slapped him hard across his face.

Time seemed to stand still, and Janet's slap instantly woke the drunk Caspar.

He looked at the woman with his red bloodshot eyes and shook his head.

"Janet…" He held out his right hand, but Janet stepped back immediately.

As he got out of bed and tried to explain everything to her, Caspar looked down at himself, and said, "I'm sorry, I'm drunk."

He patted his forehead irritably.

Janet stared at him, and said, "Go back to your own room and have a good rest first." Caspar then wobbled out of Janet's room.

As soon as he left, Janet locked her bedroom door.

Then she ran to the bathroom and brushed her teeth

cond twin, to the corner and threatened her. "Sally, you're a member of Shao family now. I will break up my friendship with you if you ever dare to tell your brother about the other twin!"

Sally shook her head, but then nodded, "I won't tell him. That's your business."

Sally was telling the truth, but Janet didn't fully believe her. She didn't let her go, and instead said, "My dear Sally, let's go shopping with the babies tomorrow. I'll buy you whatever you like. Okay?"

Sally nodded, "Well, Janet, I really won't tell him. I'm going to play with the twins!"

In the living room, Jerry held the twins high in the air, and Sally was also eager to play with them too.

Janet gave her a final suspicious glance before letting her go.

However, she looked at Sally's back, and wondered why Sally hadn't got pregnant yet since she had married Jerry for more than three years.

The following morning, Janet's grandparents took Melissa away to play with their friends.

Janet went back to the Royal Mansion with Michelle.

Not far from Mansion No. 8

Three Bentleys were neatly parked one next to the other.

The man in the car saw the two Mercedes parked at the entrance of Mansion No. 8. The three Bentleys then immediately drove out and blocked up the way.

Janet looked at the man stepping out of the car, and whispered to Michelle, "That's your dad. Don't ever mistake him!"

Michelle looked anxiously at Daniel, and shouted in the car, "Daddy! Daddy!"

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