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   Chapter 197 So Desperate to Get Rid of Me

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She suddenly realized something as she fondly looked at her worried daughter. "You ran away from home because you were scared that I might be angry at your pregnancy?"

Janet silently nodded.


"You were actually thinking that I would ask you to have an abortion?"

She nodded again.

Ella touched her temples, distressed. What a foolish girl she was!

"How could you ever think of something like this! Of course, I would have been a little mad at first, but after all, I am your mother, and I would have looked after you at all times and made sure that you delivered the babies safe!" Ella sobbed as she was blaming herself for being too harsh with her daughter, and she wondered if this had had something to do with Janet's actions.

Janet walked up to her mother and held her tightly in her arms, and said, "Mum, you should have told me so!" Tears then came flowing down her cheeks.

Gently stroking Janet's head, Ella smiled with eyes filled with tears. "Silly girl, I would never have asked you to have an abortion. You really think that your mother is that mean?"

When she saw that her daughter was dating Daniel, she had already thought that maybe one day her daughter might end up having a short gun wedding.

However, things turned out completely different from what she had imagined them would be, and the two of them broke up, and she ended up becoming a single mother.

"Mom, Michelle is now in Z Country, and Caspar is looking after her for me. The Qiao family have many family members who are fond of twins. Don't worry, they are all very nice to them." The Qiao family had association with the Tianye Men, but they were kind people in nature, and were always nice to their own family and friends.

After giving birth to the twins, Janet had lost all of her memories. Caspar had told her that she was actually the chairwoman of Tianye Men. She was shocked at the news but she believed him.

Since then, she had gradually recovered some of her memories, but she still didn't have a clue to what she had to do. Deep down inside, she felt that she was obliged to give the commanding power back to Caspar.

"Please invite Caspar to C Country. Your father and I would like to thank him in person."

Janet nodded; she owed Caspar big time, and it wasn't a debt that could easily be repaid with mere cash.

When she thought of that, Janet stepped away from Ella, and simply said, "Mum, I still need to go to Z Country tomorrow. I need to hide from Daniel for a while."

Ella was confused at her sudden decision.

"He refuses to let me see my child, and I would never give Melissa to him, for nothing in this world!"

"You don't need to hide from him, let your father handl

the door and picked up a drink from the table and gulped it down in an instant.

"Let me guess, who dared to cross our dear Boss Qiao?" Croft looked at the gloomy man and asked with a joking voice.

"Beat it!" Caspar snapped at him as he continued to gulp down more drinks.

Croft raised his eyebrows. Sipping his wine gracefully, he casually asked, "I thought you two were living together. Aren't you? If you ask me, all you need to do is go to her room and sleep with her."

When he heard this, Caspar stopped drinking and gave him a stern look.

"I'm not kidding. Women are usually loyal to their partners, especially a girl like Janet. I'm sure that as soon as you sleep with her, she would be loyal to you, both mentally and physically!"

Caspar put on a false smile on his lips. Croft's words sounded correct, but he wouldn't be Janet's first man. Her heart was with someone else.

At the current time, Janet was loyal to her first man!

Croft casually opened his mouth again, and said, "Look at Melissa and Michelle. Well, well, well, if only I could get a pair of adorable twins like them!"

That night when he got home, Caspar was pretty drunk, and he could barely walk straight.

Caspar was brought to his room by the butler, but Janet heard the noise and walked out of her room.

She felt guilty because he had been so mad earlier in the evening. She pondered the whole night if she should talk to him or not.

"Caspar, how are you?" Janet stood at the entrance of his room, and the butler had just helped him lie comfortably in his bed.

"He's drunk, " said the butler politely.

'Drunk?' Janet sent the butler for a servant to aid Caspar for the night, in case he ever needed anything.

She thought to herself, "Never mind, I'll talk to him tomorrow when he's sober."

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