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   Chapter 196 I'll Destroy Your Company

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After a long while, Janet turned around, and while looking at Daniel, she coldly asked, "What about Shirley Zheng? Did you have feelings for her afterwards?"

With a deep look in his eyes, Daniel looked at the slap mark on her face, and replied, "No!"

But Janet just sneered at his words.

Daniel then took his daughter from Lillian's arms, and while holding her, he said, "Janet, she's my daughter, and she has nothing to do with you from now on!"

While he was heading towards the door, Janet immediately caught up with him, but Daniel just pushed her away. Janet picked up the pace and stopped him at the door, staring at him, with rage burning bright in her eyes.

She argued, "Why is that, Daniel? I gave birth to her after I was pregnant with her for nine months!"

Daniel looked at her, and said, "So what!"

"Daniel Si!" Harry came over to them and took Melissa from Daniel's arms.

Daniel didn't want to give him Melissa, but Harry gave him a warning glance, and flatly said, "You should talk with Jane now."

"Father*, I have nothing to talk with him!" said Janet. When Janet saw that her child wasn't in Daniel's arms anymore, she moved away from the door.

She had come back to stop Daniel and Shirley's wedding ceremony, but not to give Daniel her child.

"But I do!" said Daniel. He gritted his teeth, held her wrist, and took her out of the mansion.

"Let go of me!" shouted Janet.

They came out of the mansion, and when several bodyguards saw that Janet was being dragged by a man, they immediately stood in a row and stopped Daniel.

Daniel sneered, and thought that Janet had lived a good life these past years and she even had bodyguards to protect her.

"Get away!" He said and cast a cold glance at them.

The men were so shocked by his cold stare that their legs slightly started trembling, but one of them bravely said, "Let go of our boss!"

'Boss?' There was a spark of ridicule shining in Daniel's eyes.

He turned around and pinched Janet's chin, and while raising it and lowering his head, he kissed her red lips.


Janet was so shocked by his sudden kiss that her mind went blank. She didn't expect that Daniel would treat her like that!

When the bodyguards saw that Janet was now being pulled by Daniel, they immediately came to her aid to stop Daniel.

They began to fight Daniel, but he skilfully defeated the six bodyguards with one hand, while with the other still holding on to Janet.

When he looked at the men

s? And how were you doing?" asked Ella.

Janet remembered the miserable days when she had just left home, and she was a little distressed.

"In the beginning, I had a bad time and lived on a breadline every day. Later, I met... Caspar. He asked me to stay in his villa, and it was he who let us continue to live again a comfortable and wealthy life, " said Janet.

Caspar, who was her benefactor, helped her in all respects when she was in difficulty.

"And you and him? Are you in a relationship?" Ella was a little nervous and stared at her daughter after she asked this.

Janet shook her head, and said, "No, we're not. Mother, I didn't mean to lose contact with you deliberately, but when I gave birth to the twins..."

When Ella heard her, she immediately interrupted her and sat up in bed with excitement. She said, "Twins?"

Janet nodded nervous, and said, "Mother, but please don't tell Daniel!"

"You're such a silly girl. Is the other one the younger sister, or the older one?" asked Ella. Ella lovingly caressed Melissa, who was asleep, thinking that she was adorable.

"This one is the older one, and her younger sister is called Michelle." When she mentioned her two children, Janet felt delighted and smiled.

Ella held her by the hand and looked at her fretfully. "Where is she now? You just left her there alone? Will she be in danger?"

She wondered why her daughter was so careless.

Janet didn't answer Ella, but instead gingerly looked at her mother, and said, "Mother, aren't you angry?" she asked.

Ella was confused, and asked, "Why should I be angry?"

"You aren't angry that I... was pregnant before marrying?"

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