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   Chapter 195 Don't You Think that You're Unfilial and Ungrateful to Us

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Melissa was initially walking slowly, but when she thought that the man in front of her was her father, she picked up the pace and ran towards him.

She stretched out her short arms, and shouted, "Daddy!"

Her sudden yell shocked all the people that were present in the church.

Besides calling him daddy, they also found that the girl's face closely resembled Daniel's. They wondered if this was his and Ivanka's child.

When she saw the little girl coming closer and closer to Daniel, Shirley felt her hands suddenly becoming colder, and her uneasy feelings intensifying.

Not only was Shirley feeling uneasy, but the man next to her as well.

He stared at the cute girl, and wondered where she came from.

Melissa kept running and eventually stopped in front of Daniel. Without hesitation, she held Daniel's legs with her little arms, and while showing her lovely white little teeth, she said, "Daddy! Hug, hug!"

Daniel was staring at her, and he couldn't help but bend down to her. At that moment, he could clearly see that the girl really resembled him...

Then he held her up in his arms, and he couldn't help to ask, "Your mother is..."

"Here!" A familiar voice was then heard, which startled everyone present.

At the door there was a woman surrounded by six bodyguards. Her hair was tied up on her head, and she was wearing a white suit, with a pair of white high-heel shoes.

This woman, with her outstanding graceful temperament, was none other than Janet.

The woman who had disappeared for almost three years.

The familiar face made both Samuel and Ella's hands tremble, and so did Daniel's.

Janet looked deep into the handsome man's eyes, who was dressed in an elegant tuxedo. Their eyes met, and the looks in both of their eyes were filled with unutterable and complicated emotions.

Janet moved her eyes away, and then walked towards her parents.

"Dad, mom, I'm back." She spoke to her parents in a low voice, on the verge of tears.

Ella wiped off her tears from her cheeks, and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Jane!" called Samuel. Although he was a man, his eyes were red and flooded with tears when he saw his daughter again after her three year absence.

Instantly, Janet was surrounded by all the people there. They all kept asking her questions, one after another. They wanted to know how she was, and where she had been in the past few years.

Then, a few moments later, the little girl in Daniel's arms was taken away by Lola. Looking at her lovely granddaughter, Lola also silently wiped her tears off her face.

Samuel and

gged and stopped Ella, and everyone there began to persuade and comfort them.

"Ella, Jane's already back, don't be angry anymore, " said Lola again.

Jerry pulled his sister back, and while looking at his mother, he said, "Mom, like mother* said, this is all Daniel's fault. Jane left home because of Daniel, and he's the one that should be punished and slapped!"

When Jerry had just finished his words, the door bell rang.

Janet turned around and looked at the mansion's door in the living room.

Daniel peacefully walked into the living room, and upon laying his eyes on him, Harry started scolding him in a stern voice. "Daniel! Do you admit to your mistakes?"

In the same time, Lola handed Mellisa to Lillian. She didn't have the patience to argue with Daniel, and instead grabbed a feather duster from one of the room's corners and hit Daniel with it.

"I'll hit you till you're dead! You're a bad son!" said Lola.

Daniel didn't defend himself, and just let Lola hit him on his back and arms.

Finally, Anna stopped Lola.

Wearing a dark look on his face, Daniel glanced at his mother, and said, "Mom, she didn't trust me at all at that time! I told her that nothing had happened between Kate and I, and neither between Ivanka and I, but she still didn't believe me, and what's more, she also ran away. What was I to do?"

Sally also backed up her brother, and said, "Jane, my brother is speaking the truth, Ivanka's baby is not my brother's. She confessed to Daniel about the fact that her father had asked her to cheat on Daniel, exchanging her elder sister's safety!"


Backing against all the people, Janet gnawed heavy on her lower lip, and wondered if Sally's words were actually true...

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