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   Chapter 194 He is Going to Marry That Woman

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Daniel looked at the phone number, from which he got nothing, and secretly clenched his fist in fury.

During her long absence, Janet had contacted everyone but him...

Besides, the power she seemed to have around her annoyed Daniel even more, because of his love for her.

The following spring, Janet gave birth to two lovely twin daughters at the hospital.

However, she had lost all of her memories when she woke up after giving birth, because her nerves had been compressed during labor.

Two years later, on the sixth day of the third lunar month

It was a warm spring day, and it was also the twin girls' birthday. Caspar took both the twins and Janet, who had eventually taken over the Tianye Men, to a hotel.

The reserved private room had been decorated in advance, and its dominating color was pink. A large five-layer pink cake was on the table, covered with a pink white tablecloth.

Inflatable letters were pasted on the wall, reading, Happy birthday, Melissa and Michelle!

There were many elders present there, and also the four leaders of the Tianye Men, including Dillon.

All the elders loved the two little girls; neither one of them had missed their important second birthday.

Caspar and Janet were each holding a girl. Together, they looked like a family of four.

However, everyone present in the room knew that the two girls had nothing to do with Caspar, but none of them dared to speak out their thoughts.

The table was heaped with expensive gifts from the elders. The twins were dressed in little pale blue dresses, with different colored flowers on their heads to distinguish them.

Halfway through lunch, Janet went to the bathroom.

When she came back, she looked at one of the entertainment news channels on TV.

A female journalist was holding ta microphone, and was excited to announce, "... Daniel Si, the CEO of the SL Group, and his Cinderella, Shirley Zheng, will marry in a six-star hotel three days from now..."

After this, a man and a woman holding hands appeared on the screen. The woman was smiling beatifically, while the man next to her looked apathetic.

Janet rubbed her sore temples, but when she looked at the indifferent man again, she began to feel dizzy.

Caspar was the first

d a poker face with mysterious, haunting eyes.

The vicar began his speech.

After a few minutes, he finally got to the part where he asked, "Shirley Zheng, do you take Daniel Si to be your lawful, wedded?husband? Will you love and cherish him from this day forward..."

Pressing her excitement, Shirley nodded her head, and while gazing affectionately at the man standing opposite to her, she answered him, "I do."

Sven and Jerry would have rushed to the stage to punch Daniel if it hadn't been for their wives.

The vicar then looked at Daniel and asked him, "Do you?"

As the vicar finished, the church was silent except for the sound of the journalists' cameras, taking pictures.

The man answered indifferently, "I..."

But, before he could finish his sentence, the church door creaked open after a screeching brake was heard. All eyes turned to the door.

They then saw six bodyguards dressed in black suits and white shirts, one of them holding a little girl in his arms.

Under the bewildered eyes of everyone present, the bodyguard put the little girl on the red carpet.

Lola was fascinated by the little girl, and thought, 'What a lovely girl! Whose child could she be? She's really cute...'

The little girl, dressed in a light yellow dress, was walking down the red carpet towards the altar with her short little legs.

"Daddy!" What she said stunned everyone in the church.

Following the little girl's eyes, they found that she was calling to the man at the altar.

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