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   Chapter 193 Who are You Afraid of Finding You Here

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She carefully asked, "Caspar, who... is your grandpa talking about?"

He looked at her, and gently said, "You."


Janet quickly shook her hands, and replied, "No, I can't. I know nothing, and I can do nothing."

She couldn't even cook a simple dish, let alone being the head of the Tianye Men!

"You really don't need to do anything. As long as you are loyal to Tianye Men, Caspar and Croft will help you to do all the things the organisation requests you." Caspar's grandfather was looking at her with curious eyes. The Tianye Bead had been missing for so many years, and Janet was the one who now had it. It was... fate.

Finally, Janet made a decision. She took off the Tianye Bead and put it beside Dillon, and said, "Since this is so important to you, I'd like to return it to its rightful owner now. I intend to give birth to baby and return to C Country. I won't stay longer than that, so I'm not suitable for succeeding to your organisations' leadership."

Then she looked at Caspar, and continued, "This Bead is just a keepsake for me. Since I've broken up with him, it doesn't matter whether I have this bead or not. Thank you for taking care of me these last couple of days, but I'll be leaving now."

Janet smiled at Caspar and nodded to Dillon. She then walked towards the door.

Dillon didn't say anything, but just gave Caspar a glance and went back to his room supported by the little girl.

Caspar understood what his grandfather meant. He took the Tianye Bead in his hands and followed Janet.

He followed her without saying a word, and when they approached the car, Caspar pulled her aside and put Tianye Bead back on her.

"No..." Janet wanted to leave, but Caspar left her no chance for refusal.

After Caspar put the bead back on her, the bodyguard opened the rear door for them, and they got inside the car.

The car drove out of Casper's family estate, and Caspar told Janet, "You will have a baby soon, and you should not live alone, for the time being, at least. I have prepared a room for you in my villa. You should wait there to give birth to your baby without any sort of distractions around you."

Janet still wanted to refuse, but Caspar pointed at her Tianye Bead, and said, "If you refuse my suggestion, then you need to go back and lead the Tianye Men!"


Caspar was just as domineering as Daniel. He brought her to his villa, along with all of her previous

lied to her, "Janet, see how I'll fix you when you come back home!"

The snow was falling outside, but the room Janet was in was very warm. With tears in her eyes, Janet said, "Dad, I'm really fine. You and mom don't need to worry about me."

Samuel was silent for a while, and only said, "Remember to call your great-grandmother. Your grandma and grandpa are also worried sick about you."

"Eh, I will."

After she finished talking to her father, Janet called the old house at his request.

Hearing her grandma's choked voice, Janet also wanted to cry; she became even more determined to go back home after giving birth to her baby twins.

After hanging up, Janet wiped away her tears, pulled out the SIM card and gave it back to Caspar.

Caspar then immediately broke the SIM card and threw it in the trash bin.

He carefully asked her, "Who are you afraid of finding you here?"

He had a feeling that Janet wasn't afraid of her family and that she feared someone else instead.

But Janet just smiled, without saying another single word. Maybe she was afraid of both her family and Daniel. She really was afraid that her dad and mom would someday suddenly find her, and that when they saw her and realized that she was pregnant, they would be very angry with her.

She also feared Daniel, because if she heard his voice, she might have changed her mind...

After Janet called her family, as it was expected, Samuel gave the invalid phone number to Daniel.

Samuel said that he was calm about Janet; however he was actually even more worried because Janet seemed to be mysterious and elusive.

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