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   Chapter 192 Let's Play Hide-and-seek

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They were silent again. After a few minutes of thinking deeply, Caspar finally spoke, "I will take her to get the token of Tianye Men first. We will help her if she is willing to do the task. If not, it depends on her."

Sherry Song said nothing. Caspar asked a bodyguard to take her home, and then he called Croft Song.

Croft Song disagreed too. After Dillon Qiao had the unfortunate mental illness, he only had Caspar to take the Tianye Bead back from Janet.

But Caspar still took Janet to Tianye Men.

Before setting out, Caspar explained briefly to Janet what they would do and emphasized the great importance of the Tianye Bead to his family.

Janet tried to digest what he said for a long time and then understood that Daniel has given her a very important possession.

After entering the gate of Caspar's house, she looked around curiously. Its style was like the huge Kang Baiwan Manor.

Half an hour later, they finally arrived at the front door.

Caspar took her to the living room and said, "I will just have Boswell assess this bead so we would be sure. It's still yours. Don't worry."

Caspar had told her that the bead has a connection to the destiny of his whole family. It was that vital to them.

Janet took a deep breath and nodded.

In fact, for her, this bead was only a ... A harsh reminder. It all depends on what will happen. She would consider choosing between keeping or giving it up if necessary.

Under her permission, Caspar asked Boswell to come here.

Janet was given a bottle of water served by servant and drank a little.

Considering she was pregnant now, she was supposed not to have tea or coffee. So she only drank some water.

Several bodyguards appeared, and they were followed by a middle-aged man dressed in a black Chinese tunic suit.

Caspar stood up and greeted him, "Hello, Uncle Boswell."

Janet put the bottle down and stood up too. She didn't know what to call him so she just nodded to him.

Boswell seemed to be the same age of her

nd Caspar and walked to her with eyes wide open.

"Hey, let's play hide-and-seek!" Dillon said excitedly.

Janet smiled, "Are you sure? All right, then."

"Of course. Caspar seldom plays with me. Let's go to the living room." Dillon took her to the living room at once.

Janet glanced at Caspar. 'Do I need to come along with him?'

Caspar didn't prevent Dillon from doing so.

Though Dillon has this illness, he knew what he was doing.

Then Janet and Dillon really played hide-and-seek together...

Janet always screamed to scare Dillon as he was approaching. They had great fun.

Caspar sat on the sofa and watched them.

Half an hour later

All of a sudden, Dillon also sat on the sofa and became serious. It was his turn to hide. Janet took a seat on the sofa too.

The girl on the balcony came and poured hot tea for Dillon.

Dillon drank a little, looked at Caspar and said, "Take her to the hill behind the house."

"And then?" Caspar asked curiously.

"Let her take over Tianye Men. You and Croft will help her." Dillon said loudly and seriously.

What he said shocked Janet a lot. 'Is that true?' She thought with eyes wide open.

'He will let me manage Tianye Men?' Janet was surprised and confused.

She knew nothing and could do nothing. How could she take over such a big and respected group?

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