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   Chapter 191 Regular Pregnancy Check

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After a long while, Daniel received a call from Samuel. Samuel told him, "I have sent the IP account and related documents for identification. I found out that the account has been changed. It is not the one Jane used before."

'It has been changed? The man who did this must have powerful and abundant resources.'

While listening, Daniel casually played with the lighter, switching it on and off. 'How did Janet do this?! She left for only more than a month, but she managed to find someone so powerful to protect her. And this person must not be a woman. So Janet is staying with a man!'

With full strength, Daniel became so angry and dismayed that he threw the lighter against the wall. The lighter broke into pieces in no time.

Samuel heard the sound and had an idea of what happened on the other end of the telephone. But he calmly opened his mouth, "Since Jane can send messages to us, she is fine. Ella is much relieved after getting the message."

"But I am not relieved!" Daniel gritted his teeth in anger and said the last sentence word by word.

'How could I be relieved? Janet is staying with a man! I have checked all of her bank cards. Ever since she left, she has never used one of them. She was used to living an easy life where everything would be given to her. So how can she survive during these days? Does she get money and help from that man? If it's really true that she's doing this, she's going to pay for it!'

Samuel said nothing. He knew it was not a good time to blame Daniel. The only task now was to work together to find Jane. This was the most important thing to do.

"I will continue investigating until I find her!" Daniel said reassuringly.

'Jane, do you want to get rid of me? No way!'

The other day, Janet brought cooked food home after work. She read articles online that pregnant women would feel sick in the first trimester.

But she didn't feel sick for a long time. She had been pregnant for more than three months. She began to eat more than before and was willing to eat any kind of meat. It was really strange.

Her baby was growing well in her body. Everyone could tell that she was pregnant if she would wear tight clothes.

When she passed by Caspar's room, a bodyguard stopped her and said, "Miss Shao, my boss asked you to go into the room as soon as you're back."

Janet thought for a little whi

'No way will the Tianye Men be taken over by a stranger, especially by a woman!'

Caspar took a glance at her and shook his head, "Although Grandpa is sort of mentally strange, we should follow his order. We can't just disobey him."

Seven years ago, Caspar's grandpa Dillon Qiao suddenly went mad and strange. But after a year, he came to himself one day. He told Caspar to find the one who has the Tianye Bead and to let the person get the token and take over the Tianye Men.

"But this must not be what Grandpa expected. This is a woman." Sherry was speechless. She was not looking down on Janet, but she couldn't manage the Tianye Men. After all, Tianye Men was a big faction and there were tens of thousands of its disciples in Z Country.

It was totally impossible for ordinary people to run a faction and manage so many people, let alone a woman.

Caspar put out the cigarette and thought for a little while. "We can assist her. You don't have to worry about it."

Tianye Men was a family gang with a long history in Z Country. So there were so many people involved in it. But in fact, there were only four branches, which were in the charge of Caspar, Sherry's brother Croft and their other two uncles.

"Caspar, have you made up your mind? To be fair, it is always the Qiao family who is in charge of Tianye Men. You should be the successor. But now a woman is going to take over Tianye Men." Sherry was right. It was the ancestor of the Qiao family who set up Tianye Men. And it had been hundreds of years since members of Qiao family took over Tianye Men.

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