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   Chapter 190 I Come from C Country

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Poe Yi also claimed that all his scandals were fabricated by Daniel Si.

Janet waited for Daniel to appear, but she didn't see him. So she left.

After work, Janet went to the supermarket and picked up some fruits. Just as she was about to pay the bill, she fumbled through her pocket and found her money gone.

She thought about it carefully, but she couldn't figure out where the money could be lost.

She had no choice but to get back to her apartment. She took some money with her and returned to the supermarket to pay for the fruits.

On her way back, she passed by Caspar's room. She hesitated for a while before she knocked on the door.

The one that answered the door was still a bodyguard. Janet seemed accustomed to the situation, so she simply handed a basket of apples to the bodyguard and said, "Please give this to Mr. Caspar. Thank you!"

Janet felt grateful to Caspar because he did help her a lot last month.

After that, she returned to her own room and ate an apple. She found the apple she bought was tasteless.

She wanted to throw it away, but she hesitated for a while and finally ate it all up.

She cooked some rice for dinner and heated some leftover food, which was made by Caspar the previous day.

When she smelled a burnt odour, she hurriedly turned the gas stove off.

Looking at the burnt food, she patted herself on the head and sarcastically said to herself, "You are such a good cook."

She took the burnt food from the pot and placed it on a bowl. Just as she was wondering whether to eat it or throw it out, someone knocked on her door.

As she opened the door, she found Caspar standing outside.

He smelled the burnt odour and frowned. Then, he walked into her room and saw the burnt food on the table.

He threw the burnt leftover into the trash can without hesitation. "Oh no, why did you throw it away?" Janet asked. Now she had nothing to eat for dinner.

But it was too late to stop him. Janet looked at the leftover in the trash can dejectedly.

Caspar cast a glance at her and said, "Just wait."

Janet caught his sleeve and replied immediately, "No, I can do it myself."

She knew what Caspar had in mind. He was either going to order a takeout or ask his bodyguard to buy some food.

Caspar had been very helpful to her, so she felt very embarrassed to bother h

asked him to locate the IP address of the computer his sister was using.

Upon hearing the news of Janet, Daniel hastened to find a computer specialist to locate the IP address of Janet's computer.

As he was trying to get the location, Janet gave the computer back to Caspar.

Caspar was giving instructions to his assistant. Suddenly, one of his bodyguards said, "Boss, someone is searching the IP address of your computer."

Caspar frowned and browsed the web history and instant messaging softwares. He saw that Janet had logged in her QQ.

"Intercept it, " ordered Caspar in a calm voice.

'What's Janet's real identity? Who is looking for her? The one who was looking for her broke through the firewall so quickly and almost located his accurate position.'

The bodyguard quickly intercepted it, reinforced the firewall, and changed the IP address into one in Brazil.

C Country

Daniel saw the computer specialist manipulating the firewall of the computer which was used by Janet. Just as he was about to see the IP address, it was intercepted.

He frowned, and his eyes grew cold.

'With whom is Jane with now? She must be with a big shot.'

Daniel then sent for a hacker and asked the two to trace the IP address.

"Mr. Si, the IP address is in Brazil."

'Brazil? Janet has gone to Brazil?' Daniel called a number and ordered, "Go to Brazil. Add more people to search Mr. Janet. Once you get any news of her, tell me as soon as possible."

After this, Daniel sent a message to Jerry. Then, he stared blankly at the computer.

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