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   Chapter 189 How Such a Stupid Woman Could Exist

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Janet Shao winced with pain, as she blew on her burnt finger.

She felt miserable, with tears in her eyes.

A teardrop ran down. 'How could she be such a fool to get burnt when opening a cover of the rice cooker?'

Janet filled a large bowl with rice for herself and opened the delivery boxes on the table. What a gorgeous meal.

There were stewed meatballs with brown sauce, fried bacon with sour bamboo shoots, steamed Chinese sturgeon, baby cabbage, green vegetables, and Ma Po bean curd.

It had been a long time since she had an appetizing meal. Janet was in such a good mood that she ate a large bowl of rice and a whole fish.

She didn't throw other remaining food away because she could eat them tomorrow.

Caspar came back to the room, and dialed a number, "Where is the Tianye Bead sold according to your early investigation?"

"C Country? Are you sure? What else do you know?"

Having been filled in, Caspar didn't talk any more but hung up the phone.

'How can I make the woman take the bead off so I can get it identified? If this was the real Tianye Bead, she couldn't stay here any longer.'

She finished eating a little after nine o'clock. Sleepy as she was, Janet went to the kitchen to wash the bowls and chopsticks.

She squeezed out the liquid soap. But at that moment, a porcelain bowl slipped from her hand, dropped into the sink, and broke into pieces.


Janet, feeling angry, looked at the broken bowl. 'Even you are against me now?'

Misfortunes never come in singles. When cleaning away the broken pieces, she had cut her left hand.

She turned the tap on, washing the blood on the hand away.

Without a band-aid around, she had no idea where to buy it or what time it was now.

So she got some tissue and wrapped her hand with it. Then, she cleaned up the mess with her uninjured hand.

Janet had an exhausting day. She could finally take a shower and go to sleep.

Before sleeping, she thought that she should go to the police station. There should be some progress with her smartphone and money, since days had already past.

The woman quickly fell asleep.

C Country

While Janet was sleeping soundly, Daniel Si with a bruise on his face stood in the bedroo

Even so, she didn't think too much. After taking a shower, she went to bed and slept.

On the next morning, the landlord came. Janet gave him a 1000 for rent. The landlord had been unwilling to let her pay the rent monthly, but he agreed considering that she was pregnant and didn't have much money.

Looking at her 2000 on hand, Janet wondered how she would be able to make through the next month. 2000 was barely enough for her to live another month however wise she was.

In the past, two thousand dollars was not even enough for her to buy a dress.

But now... Janet sighed and touched her lower abdomen, making up her mind to not let her unborn baby suffer with her.

Janet went to work with 200, with the intention to buy some fruits after work.

When Janet went out for lunch, she unintentionally saw the news. A journalist standing in front of the Yi Family Group building reported that the Yi Family Group's CEO, Poe Yi, had been taken away for investigation for he was involved in frauds, bribery, and tax evasion.

According to a source, Poe had hit an old man while driving and then ran away. Later, he had spent a large sum of money to appease it.

All the factories of the Yi Family Group stopped production, and all the staff would be investigated.

The topic suddenly shifted. A reporter asked Poe about the matters between Ivanka and Daniel. Poe angrily told the reporter that her daughter was pregnant for two months, but Daniel had never showed up...

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