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   Chapter 188 It Was His First Time To Feel Sorry For A Woman

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"It's a gift from my boyfriend. Don't you even think about it. You'll only get it over my dead body." Janet pushed him out of the house and said, "Get out. I don't need you to teach me how to cook."

Caspar left the house and did not try to get in again.

Janet locked the door immediately and took a look at the bead on her neck. Thankfully, he didn't get it.

She looked at the pot in the sink. It frustrated her that she forgot to buy cleaning materials.

She got all the kitchenware out of the sink and planned to go out again to buy all kinds of cleaning supplies.

She took 200 out and put it in her pocket unwillingly. 'That should be enough. Things aren't very expensive here.'

Janet opened the door and saw Caspar walking toward her with a plastic bag.

As he came closer, she stared at him warily and clamped her hand against her neck.

It seemed that she had invited a thief into her house.

Caspar pretended not to see what she was doing and handed over the plastic bag to her, "Wash it."

Janet shook her head and intended to walk past him. Caspar stopped her and said, "You are pregnant. You better not go out at night."

Janet ignored him and tried to pass by him again.

Caspar noticed the dislike and carefulness from her face and smiled lightly. It was the first time a woman had given him the cold shoulder.

"Don't you want to learn how to cook?"

Janet stopped walking, turned around, looked at the arrogant man, and said, "Yes, I do. But you must keep your hands off me."

... Caspar was speechless. He never met someone that silly.

They got back to the house together. Janet took the brush out of the plastic bag and tried to wash the pot again.

Caspar leaned against the wall and looked at her quietly.

'She seems like a simple girl from a rich family. Why would she leave her family when she is pregnant?' Caspar wondered.

As Janet was washing the pan awkwardly, Caspar couldn't stand it anymore. He tugged at her sleeve and pulled her aside.

Caspar cleaned all the pots in no time.

Janet stared at the man with astonishment while he was doing the cleaning. Never judge people by their appea

he wanted. She even could not afford pickles, not to mention chicken drumsticks.

She had to think twice before she bought anything.

But she had no choice but to get something good to eat because of her baby. It needed the nutrition.

After a while, the button on the cooker finally switched to WARM. Meanwhile, someone rang her doorbell. She opened the door and saw a men dressed as a bodyguard.

He handed over the bag to Janet and said, "Good evening. This is your delivery." Judging from the bag's size, there were several boxes in it.

"Thank you!" Janet took the delivery bag. It seemed that there were at least five or six dishes.

Janet thought for a second after the delivery guy left. She knocked at Caspar's door, and he opened it.

"I don't think I can finish all of it. Do you want some? I haven't opened the box yet." When she was talking to Caspar, she wondered if 200 could cover for all the dishes.

Caspar shook his head and said, "I've had dinner."

"Does it cost... over 200?" Janet scratched her hair and asked him shyly.

There was a sparkle in Caspar's eyes. He glanced at her and said, "Only 99. There was a discount."

'So, there was 101 left. A discount? I am so lucky today! All right then.' Janet accepted the answer and walked back to her house with all the delivery.

She put the bag aside and went to get the rice immediately. She opened the lid so quickly that she burnt her finger.

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