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   Chapter 187 I Just Want You to Teach Me How to Cook

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The following day, Janet asked a real estate agent to help her find a house.

They viewed many houses, but Janet didn't want to rent any of them. The real estate agent became impatient and said, "Do you think you can get a good house with just a little money?"

The agent then pointed at a high-end apartment across the road and said, "Look at that. The house rent is 8, 000 per month. Will you rent it?"

8, 000? Janet really wanted to tell the agent that 8, 000 wasn't that expensive.

But now she didn't have 8, 000 with her.

At last, the agent took Janet back to the house they viewed just now. The house had a bedroom and a living room.

Janet chose it not because it was cheap, but because it was clean and new.

The house rent was 1, 000 per month. There was a bed, a wardrobe, and a desk inside. The house covered an area of less than 50 square meters.

The agency fee was 1, 000 dollars. Janet negotiated with the owner of the house for a long while. The owner finally agreed that she could pay a month's rent first.

Janet then went to the supermarket and bought herself a new four-piece bedding set, which was the cheapest one she could find. However, she was unable to sleep that night.

Her whole body itched...

On the third day, Janet needed to go to work since she and the manager had made an agreement before. She dressed up and left the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was just a private housing community in an urban village. It wasn't even a standard neighborhood.

When she looked over her shoulder at the two-story house, Janet was distressed.

She missed her family again.

However, she was fortunate because she met a nice female manager.

When the manager learned that Janet was pregnant, she asked her to get some rest from time to time.

Janet tried her best to make a lot of desserts. After the manager tasted the desserts, she reported to their boss and helped Janet apply for better remuneration and treatment.

Janet only had worked for two days, but her salary was increased to 5, 000 per month. She was also treated like a regular employee.

After a week, Janet asked the manager to come to her and spoke with embarrassment, "Miss Rita, I have no money with me now, so I want to get the salary I earned these days in advance."

In fact, she had spent all her money

o didn't know how to cook. Judging by his years of experience of checking people, he concluded that this woman was a rich, young lady who never did any housework.

But he wondered why the rich, young lady lived here.

Although he had a lot of doubts about her, Caspar didn't ask her and just remained vigilant. And then he said, "Wash those cooking utensils."

Wash them...

Janet began to look at the two sets of clothes in the wash basin. She just took them off and threw them there, without even washing them.

She finally rolled up her sleeves, put all of the cooking utensils under the tap, and started washing them.

However, she didn't buy a brush, nor did she have any detergent...

Caspar was restless and was about to turn around to leave her room. When Janet saw that he was about to leave, she immediately walked up to him and stopped him. "I'm washing the utensils now. Would you please be patient?" she said.

Caspar saw something on Janet's neck by chance, so he stared at it and grasped the bead on her neck, trying to carefully check what it was.

But Janet seized the bead from him and put it into her pocket. This time, she was vigilant and looked at him, shouting, "What are you doing?"

She was robbed the last time, so Janet was afraid that he would take away her bead. She protected her neck and the bead with her wet hands.

This bead was worth several hundred millions and above all, it was Daniel who gave her the bead.

Caspar stared at her seriously and asked in a low voice, "How did you get the bead?"

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