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   Chapter 186 Looking for a Woman Called Janet Shao

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"Wow, this girl is pretty hot! I really don't want to let her go!" one of the gangsters said.

"Right, let's have her! We can all share!" another gangster said.

The group of gangsters slowly approached Janet, while they were saying those dirty words.

Janet was furious, and she kicked away the man nearest to her, then another kick to another man...

When she was about to kick the third man, Tiger came up and grabbed her. Janet struggled with her wrists and yelled, "Let me off! You son of a bitch! Get your dirty hands off me!"

"You dare say my hands are dirty? You bitch!" Tiger was irked, so he slapped Janet heavily on her face.

The other men then came over and surrounded Janet. They cornered her on the ground, punching and kicking her.

"Please stop! I will give all my money to you, please! I am pregnant..." Bearing all the hits on her body, Janet tried hard to protect her belly with her arms.

Her belly was already aching. Fortunately, those men still had a little sympathy in their hearts. When they heard that she was pregnant, they stopped punching and kicking.

"Give us all of your money!" One of them went to open and search Janet's luggage.

Janet bent forward to protect her luggage and took out her purse from one side of the suitcase. She then handed them half of her cash.

"That's all my money, " said Janet.

"Are you kidding me? There's still some money inside!" Tiger grabbed her purse and took out all the cash.

They didn't want to leave a single penny to her. Janet was furious again, and she yelled, "Bastard! Give me back my purse!"

Tiger then slapped her face and shouted, "You bitch! Who are you calling a bastard? Do you really want me to kill your baby?"

The man was wearing a vicious and angry face, which infuriated Janet that she had to gnaw on her lower lip with her teeth to keep silent for her baby's safety.

Those gangsters not only took all her money away, but they also took her phone.

A gust of wind blew over the narrow alleyway where Janet was left alone. The darkness of the night was horrible, and she was now huddling herself up in the corner, and she... felt regretful now.

She regretted that she had covertly left her house. She missed her father, mother, great grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister-in-law, and also... Daniel.

She really missed them so much now.

The night was so quiet, and only Janet's hysterical crying sound could be heard.

She kept crying, until the moment she fell asleep, leaning against the wall.

The next morning, Janet woke up and found she was surrounded by a cro

sted Jerry Shao's Weibo post, which wrote that they are looking for a woman called Janet Shao!"

"Yes, I see. I heard that they will offer a reward of huge amount of money. Whoever can send Janet Shao back home will be offered 100 million as a reward!" one of them said.

"My god! One hundred million! I could never earn such amount of money even for two lifetimes!" the other girl said. The two girls walked farther and farther from Janet. Then, she suddenly stood up from the bench, dragged her luggage, and followed them.

When she was about to open her mouth to talk to them, Janet stopped.

She thought of the baby in her belly and wondered what she should do. What if she couldn't keep her baby if she returned home?

But she really wanted to go back home now...

It was almost lunch time, and Janet was so hungry, but she didn't have any money on her.

She buried her face between her knees. Then, Janet decided to take out some of her expensive clothes, which were in good condition. She went back to the first pawnshop and sold them at a cheap price.

Before she came out, she gripped those several thousand tightly and cautiously looked around to make sure there weren't any suspicious men again. After confirming her safety, she came out of the pawnshop.

Before the evening, she finally found a job. This shop provided a salary of 3000 for the first month, without meals and accommodation. Then, the salary would increase to 5000 from the second month onward.

It was much better than those shops that gave measly 2000 or 2500, so Janet immediately took the job.

Janet finally got her job, and she was so happy that she found a small inn and slept there for one night, that was worth about one hundred bucks.

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