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   Chapter 185 Janet Left

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Warnings kept ringing in her mind, especially those of her mother's. "Jane, you are a good girl. You must cherish yourself."

"Jane, you two haven't got married yet. Contraceptives are necessary."


She once teased her mother by asking her what would she do if she found out that her daughter got pregnant before getting married.

Her mother was rendered speechless for a while before she shouted in a rage that she would definately kick her daughter out of the house if it ever did happen.

Actually, Ella had just wanted to scare her. After all, it had happened to her. If it had happened to Janet, she would understand her.

She would never push her away.

But Janet took it seriously.

She helplessly browsed her contact list, but she failed to find anyone to talk to.


She closed her eyes sorrowfully.

Daniel... Forget about it... She remembered how cold-hearted he was when he asked Ivanka to have an abortion.

If he knew that she was pregnant, would he ask her to have an abortion too?

No! No way!

Janet stayed in the cafe for a while. Then, she came up with an idea.

She decided to act like her mother. When Ella got pregnant, she escaped with Daisy for fear that Samuel would force her to have an abortion.

Janet was afraid that others would force her to have an abortion, too.

So she must leave this place.

After she had made up her mind and calmed down, she thought of the guy who had contacted her before to acquire her shop.

She sold the shop secretly to him.

She lodged the money in a bank card, and put it in Samuel and Ella's room, With a note. The note read, "Father, mother, don't worry. I would come back when I feel better. I am giving back the money Father had invested in my shop, with the interest. Please take the money to travel, go shopping, or whatever you like."

Before she left, she went to the old house and stayed

spent more than 100, 000 on that purse, but she only got 10, 000 back.

The night was deep when she went out of the pawnshop. Some men approached her with bad intentions.

Janet was shocked and stepped back quickly with hands on her belly.

"What are you guys doing?"

She tried to calm herself down and stared angrily at them.

They pulled her into an alley nearby. One of them said with an evil grin, "What are we going to do? Hand over the money!"

The money? No way! It's impossible for her to give away her lifesaving money!

"You better not do anything to me. I know Kungfu. Watch your behaviour!" Janet put down her luggage and struck a pose to fight.

Some of them burst into sneers. One of them laughed out loud and said, "Can you? Tiger, beat her!"

A muscular giant walked out from the group with his fingers cracking.

Janets kicked him on his extended arm. Tiger failed to dodge.

"Huh, interesting. You do seem to know something about Kungfu, " Tiger said. Then, the two fought with each other.

Because Janet was pregnant now, she dared not act fiercely. Suddenly, Tiger's hand hit her face. Janet frozed, unable to move.

The other guys smirked and shouted, "Give us your money. Otherwise... we will make you ours too. Hahaha..."

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