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   Chapter 184 If She Wanted the Baby

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"Keep investigating! Fully investigate Ivanka, including her closest relatives. Threaten her if necessary!" This matter had better be investigated in three months, so he would not need to take Ivanka to do an amniocentesis!

"Yes, Mr. Si, and..." Spark hesitated.


"Just before Miss Shao left, she was talking to Miss Shirley about something and left the company looking quite emotional."

Daniel remembered Janet's WeChat and thought it might have something to do with Shirley.

"Call Shirley over here!"

If she really talked nonsense, he would definitely fire her whether she was Janet's good friend or not.

Shirley shuddered to hear Daniel call her over.

But she entered the CEO's lounge as if nothing had happened. She saw Daniel leaning against the bed with his eyes closed.

"Mr. Si."

"What did you talk to Janet about before she left?" His voice was so flat that Shirley could not recognize his emotion.

After some hesitation, Shirley truthfully answered, "Janet asked me who rented the house I'm living in. I said it was me, but she said she had already looked into it and found out that it was you who rented it..."

Daniel opened his eyes abruptly and looked at her sharply. "I told her you rented it for her sake, but she..." Shirley added, horrified. "She didn't seem to believe it and suspected I..."

Shirley's eyes were a little red. Daniel frowned slightly.

"Say it!"

"She suspected I was trying to seduce you. I told her that I didn't and I was working hard because I cherish this job, but she didn't believe me." Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Don't blame her, Mr. Si. It's all because she saw that I accidentally fell on you just now, and she misunderstood."

The lounged was completely quiet. Then Daniel asked her if Janet had said anything else.

Shirley hesitated and did not continue but Daniel threatened her coldly, "She said it didn't matter now that she had broken up with you, and she didn't want to hear about you anymore..."

hoped for, but she was scared.

At this time, her phone rang again, and it was Samuel.

"Jane, what's wrong with you? Why did you go to a clinic?" Samuel asked her anxiously.

Ella's patient warnings and exhortations all came to Janet's mind.

"Why don't you answer me, Jane? What happened to you?"

"I'm fine, Dad. A friend of mine was confined... I'm here to see her." She kept it a secret because she was afraid...

She touched her belly unconsciously. While in the clinic, the doctor asked her several times if she wanted the baby.

At first, she shook her head, then nodded. Finally, she nodded again.

"Well, if there's nothing else, come back early. Stop running around outside!" Janet had been in a bad mood and preoccupied lately. Worried about her, Samuel sent more of his bodyguards to protect her.

"All right, Dad." After hanging up, Janet went back to her car.

She everything to be quiet now. She wanted everything to just stop. She was on the verge of breaking down. She wanted to cry. She wanted to... die.

She drove and quickly found a coffee shop. Sitting in a corner, she ordered a cup of... juice. She intended to order coffee or milk tea, but she finally decided on juice.

Wearing headphones to cut off all the noise around her, Janet leaned back in her chair and looked out at a small park.

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