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   Chapter 183 Flirt with the Best Friend of the Ex-girlfriend

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Janet went to see Sven to get the medicine for Daniel and gave him some dessert for Nicole.

After leaving the hospital, Janet directly went to SL Group.

Since all receptionists knew her, she wasn't stopped by anyone. After greeting them, she went straight to the elevator and pressed the button of the 88th floor, Where the CEO's office was located.

At the door of the CEO's lounge, Shirley knocked, "Come in." Daniel answered feebly. Shirley came in with a stack of files.

"Mr. Si, the meeting materials from this morning have been reorganized. Here they are. And the materials for the meeting in the afternoon have also been- ah!" Shirley suddenly screamed out. She lost her balance and fell on the bed.

She awkwardly dropped on Daniel's legs which were covered with a thin quilt. Her hair hung about her shoulders.

"I'm... sorry... Mr. Si, I'm so sorry..." Shirley stood up in panic. However, she was so anxious that she fell down again.

This time, she fell into Daniel's arms...

Daniel looked furious. He tried to control his temper because she was Jane's best friend.

"What are you doing now?" Daniel heard a familiar voice. He froze at once.

Shirley dared not look at her as she hurriedly stood up and said, "Janet... There's some misunderstanding. My... My heels are a bit high. I lost my balance when I walked on the carpet, so I accidentally fell down..."

Daniel pushed back the quilt and got down from the bed. He got up so quick that he couldn't help coughing.

Janet felt extremely sad again.

'Is this another misunderstanding?' She indifferently looked at Shirley who was fixing her clothes.

Unconsciously, she was reminded of the moment that Daniel carried Shirley when she nearly fainted last time.

She felt that she had been b


Tears burst out when she got on the elevator.

'When did they fall in love?' She never did notice.

As she got off the elevator, Janet wiped her tears in a hurry and went to the parking lot.

In her car, Janet couldn't help crying. She deleted all the contact information of Daniel and Shirley.

But she sent a text to Daniel first, "Flirting with the best friend of the ex-girlfriend makes you feel well, doesn't it?"

Daniel was so infuriated that he coughed badly. But he failed to call Janet up or text her a message because she already blocked him.

He found out that they weren't connected in WeChat anymore.

'Janet, do I really seem that bad in your mind?'

In three months, he would ask Ivanka to do a paternity test. If the results turned to be negative, and he wasn't the father of the baby, he will let Janet beg for his forgiveness.

Daniel called Spark up and asked, "How is the investigation going?"

"Mr. Si, all the bodyguards on duty that night have been handled by Poe. Later, the bodyguards monitoring Ivanka said that it was very quiet in the apartment on the first day she was held there."

'Very quiet?' That wasn't like her.

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