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   Chapter 182 You Should Call Ivanka Instead

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'Did you ever love me at all?' Janet repeated his words in her mind. 'I don't love him? What a joke.'

But Janet nodded her head and looked at him with a cold look in her eyes, "No, I never loved you, because you are bad and wicked! Daniel, if you dare give up and kill your own child, I will hate you my whole life!" said Janet.

Finishing her words, Janet shook off his hand, opened the door, and got out of the car.

There was a sound of heavy kicking coming from inside the car. Janet stopped walking for a short moment, but she moved forward without turning around.

Inside the car, Daniel violently kicked at the front seat, damaging it.

But it was not enough to release his anger, and he gave another heavy kick to the storage compartment between the front seats.

Janet stopped a taxi and went towards the Waterside Apartment.

She packed up all of her things in the apartment and asked the bodyguards to help her move them to the car. She intended to move all her things back to the Royal Mansion.

Before she left, Janet took one more glance at the apartment, as she covered her mouth to stop herself from crying.

Twenty minutes later, with tears flooding her red eyes, Janet got in the bodyguards' car. They went back to the mansion.

From now on, Janet and Daniel... would break up all connections.

He would soon have his own child with his new family. Janet was determined that Daniel would have nothing to do with her, and he would forever only be her... sworn brother.

Janet arrived at the mansion. When Ella saw her daughter wearing such a melancholic look on her face, she understood what happened.

Her heart ached for her daughter. She followed Janet to her bedroom. Ella then helped her tidy up the luggages sent back by the bodyguards.

Janet lay down on her bed, feeling drowsy and weary, and said to her mother, "Mom, I want to sleep now."

"Okay, sleep tight, " Ella put down her daughter's cosmetics in her hands and left her bedroom.

Outside her bedroom, Ella discussed with Samuel how they should comfort their dear daughter.

Samuel wanted to punch Daniel so hard. He was so furious. Daniel shouldn't have tortured his daughter like this!

Janet kept her phone switched off and stayed in her bed for two days.

During these two days, Lola and Harry had come once. Lola held Janet's hands and said to her, "Jane, I am so sorry for you. I won't admit that woman as my daughter-in-law, and her baby... It's up to Daniel. If

sked him to take some medicine, but he just wouldn't listen to me..."

Janet was dumbfounded, and after a long while, she finally opened her mouth and said, "Mother*, you should call Ivanka instead."

"Jane... You know that I don't like her, and Daniel doesn't want to meet her either. Did you know that Daniel nearly punched her on that day she came out of the hospital?" Luckily, Chuck arrived at the hospital just in time to stop Daniel from doing so.

Then, Daniel went to punch Poe Yi. He hit him so hard that he was even sent to the hospital. Poe's business was in a total mess, and his company might go bankrupt any time soon.

Janet answered, "But what I can do?" She wondered what she could do. Should she go persuade him to take some medicine? But she wasn't willing to do so...

Janet seemed to have a calm voice, which made Lola feel relaxed. She then said, "You don't need to do anything else. Just give him the medicine prepared by Sven and ask him to take them. That's all."

But Janet said, "Mother*, he wouldn't listen to me..."

On the day she told him that she didn't love him, she guessed that he wouldn't want to meet her anymore!

"But Jane, I really have no other choice. I can only ask you for your help. Please give it a try. What if he listens? Jane, please..."

Hearing Lola's repeated begging, Janet couldn't refuse anymore. She hung up the phone and got ready to go to Sven's place to get the medicine.

Before she went there, Janet took a look at the desserts container in her shop and took a few pieces of cakes. She then sent a message to Shirley, it wrote, "Shirley, I will take some cakes to you later."

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