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   Chapter 181 Five Weeks Pregnant

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Janet nodded, "Mom, I know." She didn't want to take things too hard. She was not going to waste time splitting hairs.

"Well, things happened. If I don't want to be with Daniel anymore, I will just walk away. There was no point in making myself uneasy."


Ella made breakfast for Janet to eat. She had already finished her food when the door bell rang.

Her heart had skipped a beat when she heard the sound. Janet grabbed her bag and waved goodbye to her mother, "I am going now, Mom."

It was no other but Daniel Si standing in front of the door. Janet changed her shoes. As she closed the door behind her, Daniel caught her hand naturally.

She did not reject his gesture. Deep down, she felt that it might be the last time they would probably hold hands.

Inside his car sat another woman. Janet was surprised to see her as she remembered who the woman was.

As soon as their eyes met, Ivanka turned her head away guiltily.

Janet wore an indifferent look, as she sat on the passenger seat.

Daniel drove the car and took them straight to Chengyang Private Hospital.

Sven knew about the incident upon his return half a month ago. The moment he saw Janet, he pulled her toward him and away from Daniel.

"Jane, how are you?" Sven gently laid his hands on her shoulders as he spoke to her with genuine concern.

Ivanka looked at them with admiration.

It seemed that many people really cared for Janet, Ivanka thought.

However, the only one who cared for her was her own sister...

Janet smiled as she held Sven's arm gently, "I am doing well. Let's go. How is Nicole by the way?"

"Nicole is fine. She does not need anyone's help at all!" Sven was proud of himself for treating his wife well.

Daniel said nothing as he watched them walk in front of him. He cast a cold glance at Ivanka and quickly followed them into the examination room.

Ivanka felt sorry for herself as she paced up to follow him.

If she had a choice, she would definitely want to get out of here. She had no interest in being a third wheel and taking all the blames.

In front of the examination room

Daniel suddenly called Sven. Janet seemed confused as she watched them step aside to have a conversation.

Daniel's eyes were constantly on her as he talked to Sven. Janet had a bad feeling about this. She quickly walked over to them. Howev

you to calm down. Please wait until I do the DNA test. Why can't you give me the chance?"

Janet held back her tears as she stared at the angry Daniel. She looked at him in the eyes and calmly said, "I did give you a chance. If she was not pregnant, I would have forgiven you and forgotten all about it. We would have continued our relationship as if nothing had happened. But now, everything has changed. Daniel, she is pregnant... Could you please not kill your own child?"

"I will deal with them!"

Daniel was greatly irritated. He closed his eyes for a second and then opened the car door with full force. Janet caught him by the wrist as she yelled at him in panic, "What are you going to do?"

He turned around. His eyes were cold as ice, "I don't care whose child it is. Even if it was mine, I will get rid of it!"

"No, Daniel, you can't do that. This is a life we're talking about!" Janet wept as she stopped him from getting out of the car.

"Listen up, Janet! I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to be sad. I don't care if it is one child or ten. I simply won't have them around!" Daniel seemed overwhelmed by anger. His eyes were red and his words sharp.

Janet shook her head as she sobbed, "The child is innocent. Ivanka is also a victim of this setup. Daniel, please accept the fact and let it go! We are just not meant to be..."

Upon hearing her words, Daniel broke free from her hands. He raised her chin up with his right hand and glared at her, "Janet Shao, did you ever love me at all? Why don't you give us a chance to be together?"

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