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   Chapter 180 Why wasn't Janet the Pregnant One

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It was three o'clock in the afternoon when Janet landed. Bill drove a battered car to pick her up.

"Jane! I've missed you so much!" Seeing Janet walk out of the exit, Bill, who was in a camouflage outfit, dashed to Janet excitedly.

Janet gave him a bear hug, "Me too." She had been worried about how he was doing here.

Bill seemed to have gotten a lot tan than she remembered.

"Let's go!" Bill took over her luggage and led her to the car.

He brought Janet to his apartment, which was sparsely decorated but clean enough.

Bill told her that the reason why his apartment was tidy was because of a beautiful girl who often volunteered to help him do the cleaning.

Janet was amused by his words. "That girl must really like you!" she joked.

But she felt a little down at the same time. It's a pity that she hadn't done this kind of thing for Daniel.

Coincidently, Bill had a lot of free time to show Janet around.

Every time Daniel saw photos, which she posted on her Weibo, of Janet and Bill having fun together, he wished he could fly to Janet in a second and kick Bill far away from her.

Janet and Bill went to a slum today with lots of food and gifts. As soon as they got there, they distributed the food and gifts to the children.

"It has been a long time since the last time I have done this kind of thing, " Janet sighed.

Bill turned to her with confusion. She explained, "I stopped doing this to avoid drawing the media's attention since I ran into a conflict with a few journalists before."

These children were quite pitiful. Most of them were as thin as a twig.

In the evening, Bill and Janet sat beside a bonfire and watched children dancing.

Janet seemed to be in a good mood.

Since Bill was a bit careless, he didn't dwell on why Janet was a whole lot quieter than before.

He thought it was because Janet had already grown up and become mature.

He fished his mobile phone out, took some pictures of Janet and the children, and posted the photos on Weibo.

Not long after, he received

He didn't take the jade, "Can't you not expect that she is pregnant?"

Janet smiled, "Easy. If she isn't pregnant, you can send it back to me one day."

At Janet's words, Daniel couldn't help but shift his sight to her belly. Noticing that, Janet blushed at once, "Hey! What are you thinking about? I just said..."

'Why wasn't Janet the pregnant one?' Daniel sighed at the thought.

He took the jade from her, "I will keep it and send it back to you one day."

Janet didn't say anything. She also hoped that she could have it back someday.

Daniel started the car after seeing Janet walk into the mansion.

Janet had been worried. On the morning of the day of the appointment, she woke up at 5 AM and couldn't fall asleep anymore.

She got up and walked downstairs.

Ella was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Catching a glimpse of Janet sitting in the living room, she got scared, "Jane, you're up early today."

Janet nodded listlessly, "I can't fall asleep anymore."

Hearing her words, Ella sat beside her and sighed, "Let nature take its course. Jane, you are not living for Daniel."

"I know, Mommy. I have imagined all the possibilities."

If that woman was really carrying Daniel's baby, then she would leave Daniel for good.

"Okay. Mommy hopes that you would always be happy, " Ella said as she held Janet into her arms.

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