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   Chapter 179 He is Not the Father of the Baby

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The men left discreetly.

Ivanka was awakened by the ringing of her cellphone. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on an empty balcony.

Ivanka looked at herself and recalled what had happened. She stood up and tried to make her way to the living room.

But she was so weak that she fell to the ground.

... The damned man. Couldn't he be a little gentle?

Recalling what had happened last night, Ivanka came to realize that nothing had happened between her and Daniel.

'Janet must have felt heartbroken.' Ivanka thought as she remembered Janet's woeful face. Then, she decided to tell Janet the truth. She couldn't get in the way of an innocent girl and her lover.

Ivanka walked into the bedroom with all her strength and picked up her cellphone. It was Poe.

"Poe Yi, how vile you are! Nothing happened between Daniel and I. I will tell him about this immediately!"

On the other side of the phone, Poe was surprised. 'Was it really possible that nothing happened between Ivanka and Daniel that night?' he wondered.

However, it had all come to this point of no return. He had to make sure that the plan moved forward.

"I have transferred your sister to another hospital. You know what to do to keep her alive!"

"You are crazy, Poe Yi! Even if I was pregnant, how long do you think we can deceive Daniel into believing this? After all, he is not the father of the baby."

"That's none of your concern. I have my plans. What matters right now is to keep the truth from him, as long as possible!" Poe hung up the phone as soon as he had finished speaking. He did not give Ivanka a chance to speak.

Ivanka was so weak that she had to prop up her head with her hands while sitting on the edge of the bed. She was exhausted, so she fell asleep before she could think about what to do next.

Today was Janet's birthday. She was 23 years old. It was early in the morning, but Janet was already downstairs with her luggage.

"Where are you going, Janet?" Ella walked to Janet after putting down a plate on the dining table.

Janet looked normal, just as before. She smiled at her mother and said, "Mom, I'm going to America. We will have a classmate gathering there. I'll take this chance to stay longer for a trip."

Ella felt relaxed after hearing Janet's purpose for her trip.

"You are leaving, and you are just telling me about this now. Why hadn't you told me earlier? I must tell your father. He will drive you to the airport,

I'm not a good daughter. I always worry my parents, ' Janet thought to herself.

At the VIP Lounge of the airport

Janet was dazed, staring blankly at the seats where she and Daniel had sat on before. After a while, her cellphone beeped, as it received a WeChat message from Daniel, "Happy birthday, Jane."

Tears welled up in Janet's eyes again, but she didn't respond.

More messages came in succession. "Wanna take you out for dinner."

"Wanna present you with a bunch of pink roses."

"I'm sorry, Jane. Can you give me one more chance?"

And the last one read, "Wanna take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

Janet felt so heartbroken that she couldn't hold her tears back any more. She put her hand on her mouth to suppress the sobbing and dashed to the ladies' room. But the moment she got there, she heavily cried.

Before boarding, Janet finally sent Daniel a message, "I'm travelling now. You can concentrate on your work. I will let you know when I come back."

Daniel called Janet immediately after receiving her message. But she had already powered off her cellphone.

He sent for Spark and asked him to find out where Janet went.

However, at the end, he said, "Never mind. Don't do it."

'It's better to leave her alone for a while. I cannot push her too hard, ' Daniel thought.

Janet stayed in America for about two weeks before flying to Africa.

She received messages from Daniel almost everyday. However, she only said "Good night" to him and nothing else.

But Janet didn't know that Daniel had gone to America twice and that he had followed her and had watched her go shopping with her classmates.

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