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   Chapter 178 A Women is a Bane

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With the intention of leaving her alone, Brian looked away and walked to the bathroom door.

Seeing that the only man who could save her was about to leave, Ivanka pounced on him and hugged him again. She raised her unusually red face and pleaded, "Don't leave me alone... I feel terrible. Please help me."

As she looked at the man's profile, Ivanka recovered some of her consciousness. The man seemed to be the one she met in Britain.

'If it's really him...' Ivanka tiptoed to kiss his thin, tightly pressed lips with pleasant surprise.

The scent of her body wafted across Brian. He gasped a little, but pulled her away, "I'll call a doctor for you."

She shook her head. She knew Poe. If she didn't do what he wanted her to do tonight, he would let her go through this again.

She was too weak to get rid of Poe.

"Rest assured... I won't ask you to be responsible for this... I feel so bad..."

Faced with a woman who kept throwing herself at him, Brian closed his eyes and tried to stay rational.

Janet was the woman he loved...

Brian took Ivanka by the wrist, thrusted her away, and made his way to the bedroom without hesitation.

Ivanka let out a muffled moan. She accidentally hit her head on the door.

Brian walked back with a soft sigh, picked her up, and threw her into the nearly filled bathtub.

But Ivanka kept her arms around his neck, so he slipped and fell into the bathtub with her.

"Damn it!" Brian muttered a curse. 'This damn woman! I shouldn't be dealing with this.'

His body was pressing hard against Ivanka. She approached him and made a bold decision.

She exhaled in his ear, "I've never had a boyfriend. It's my first time..."

Having lived in Britain for a long time, she knew something about having sex.

In retrospect, she felt nothing the next day after she had been with Daniel that night.

Perspiring on his forehead, Brian pushed away her wrist, "But I have someone I love, and I'm a soldier..."

If he slept with her today, as a soldier, he would have to take full responsibility.

He didn't want to marry a woman he didn't

at I always boast about last night?' He hammered his fist against the wall.

It was true that a woman is a bane! He exchanged a lifetime of happiness to save her.

He was a soldier and should be held accountable. He would take that woman with him to get a marriage license today!

He silently wished Janet and Daniel well...

After a quick shower, he came out with a towel, but he suddenly froze at what he saw.

The woman on the bed was gone, together with the thin quilt. Only some messy sheets remained, revealing the madness that happened last night...

Did she run away? Or was she taken away?

Then, Brian happened to see something and walked a few steps forward.

In the middle of the white bedsheet was a red bloodstain.

He remembered what she had said last night. She never had a boyfriend, and this was her first time...

Brian called to have clean clothes delivered and then went to the hotel's monitoring room to get the surveillance video of his floor. He wanted to find that woman.

Unexpectedly, the CCTV cameras of the 18th floor had been broken for two or three days. No one knew if this was a coincidence or intentional.

Early in the morning, two men carrying a white quilt sneaked back to the old apartment.

After that, they used some tools to open a larger window on the balcony of the second floor and thrusted the woman in the quilt onto the balcony.

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